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hello, I would love an idea of what price range you think is acceptable to ask your friends/ family to pay for a hen do?

what have you planned for yours? 

I have an idea that I would like to hire a lodge for a 3 day weekend and found the most beautiful place. Sleeps 12 + any extra beds we take. Anyone that cannot stay is welcome to visit during the weekend. 

would you be happy to pay £125 for three nights and food & games

or visiting one day £45 towards food & games



Just to name afew amazing things this includes..

<li>Open plan kitchen/ living area</li>
<li>Cinema system </li>
<li>Huge U shape sofa</li>
<li>hot tub </li>
<li>Games room </li>
<li>Large indoor and outdoor seating area</li>
<li>Outdoor pizza oven</li>
<li>Sunken trampoline </li>
<li>Beautiful rooms & ensuite</li>

I personally feel £125 for a three night girls weekend is great but I don’t want to pressure anyone if it’s too much money. Our wedding isnt until next year so I have a year to plan the hen do with my MOH 



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    How much would it cost your guests to travel there? I think that needs taking into consideration for people attending the hen do.

    I personally don’t think £125 is bad for 3 nights away, however whether Or not I have that spare income is a different question than to that of value. not knowing your friends I can’t comment on if they can afford it or not, you can probably judge that.

    I know that some of my friends would struggle with that, or at least struggle with justifying that amount for a hen do when they are saving for their own weddings, mortgages or if they have kids. 

    I would consider other options like can people come for one night or just do stuff in the day, so people can join in around their finances or even work or family commitments

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    I think it looks great and is a very reasonable price for three nights, even better with giving people plenty of notice. Can people get there easily with car sharing / splitting petrol costs? If not then get an estimate for train fares and any taxis you might need so that people know all of the costs up front before they commit.  It’s easy to spend that on a set meal and night out by the time you get to and from a town centre etc, I think it’s really good value with food etc included. Six of us try and do a Dream Lodge weekend once a year and always feel like it’s a great laugh and can be as cheap and cheerful as you want to make it, although I would definitely designate one or two people to making a shopping list and sticking to it, last time we ended up with loads of random requested snacks, people throwing stuff in the trolley that nobody else wanted etc...a huge Sainsbury’s bill and lots of waste!


    I think charging people to come for the day is the only place it might get tricky as you’d need to make It clear what they get for the money - I’d maybe split the accommodation for people staying the whole time and then ask people just coming and going for the afternoon to bring drinks / food to contribute or pay for any specific activities - presumably one of the main factors for people not spending the whole trip with you might be money, so just be careful there with what you ask and what they perceive to get for it - ie don’t have a chef come in and cook one night but supermarket pizzas the next and ask people to contribute the same amount per night, let people know an agenda beforehand so they can choose based on that and there are no surprises! 

  • I would absolutely pay £125 for 3 days in such a beautiful lodge. Sounds like your hen night will be fantastic.

    For my hen night, we are going to a Mediterranean bar/club in Glasgow (local for us). We have a private room from 5pm till Midnight. A three course dinner with a murder mystery, a cocktail making masterclass (3 cocktails each) and entry to the club afterwards. The cost is £75pp and there is 22 of us going.



  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 1,906 New bride

    That sounds quite reasonable to me.

    I've arranged my best friend's hen do, it's £250 for a 2 night hen weekend at a spa hotel in Cambridge and it includes 2 breakfasts, and lunch and dinner on Saturday, plus 2 spa treatments.

    You have to know your audience though, her family and friends are mainly affluent, childless professionals.

    When I arrange my hen do it will be a much cheaper, 1 day or evening affair as that's more suited to the situations of my friends and family. I am going on a 'pre hen hen do' abroad with just my 2 best friends though (in my mind it's my hen do, but officially it's not as  a few people, like my mum, would be offended at not being invited)! We are looking at Ibiza.

  • Got back from my hen yesterday. The ladies paid £237 each (including the cost of my share bless them - mine was a surprise) and it was a night in a spa hotel with treatments and food included but two days of activities too. We hired mountain bikes and went cycling on the first day and the second day we went horse riding through New Forest. So technically if I had of paid for my share it would have been about £178. £125 for three nights is a bargain! 

  • MrsRendall2BMrsRendall2B Posts: 348 New bride

    What a beautiful lodge!

    I think £125 for 3 nights there including food and drink is very reasonable as long as guests know well in advance and any associated travel plans/costs. I know I'd personally need a couple of months to save for something like that but would be happy that I'd be getting a lot for the money, especially when you can end up paying that for a meal and night out kinda hen do.

    However I think £45 to come for the day seems a bit steep, it's more than the nightly cost for those who are staying but without the accommodation which is surely the most expensive bit? I'd feel a bit conned if I came for the day and was technically paying more for that day then the guests who are staying when their cost included accommodation.

    It might be worth designating one of the days as a 'visitors day' and trying to keep costs down on that day by doing a BBQ / pizzas and have visiting guests bring a bottle with them.

  • MrsTraceyMrsTracey Posts: 815 New bride

    I think that's a really good price for three nights away and food. I agree that asking for money for just day guests could be tricky, as what would the £45 actually be for? maybe you could ask that people coming for the day bring a dish and a bottle To avoid awkwardness, especially as people coming for the day will be doing that option to save money x

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    I think the price is good but it’s whether people can commit to 3 nights away. I know a lot of my friends wouldn’t be able to because of kids but if you know your friends can do that amount of time then it’s good value. 

  • I would happily pay that for 3 nights away including food. It seems like a great deal. Bit cheeky but I’ve been looking to hire a cottage for my hen do can I ask what the cottage is called and where abouts it is? So i can look I up. Thanks x

  • MrsPBtobeMrsPBtobe Posts: 296 New bride

    I think £125 for three nights away is a good price but have you also considered if not all beds are filled would that put the price up for everyone else?

  • my hen is at a lodge for weekend, £140 per person for 3 nights this includes £ towards food bill. Everyone has saved £20 a month into a separate bank account I set up, and have everyone 6 months notice , some can only do 1 or 2 nights so we’ve just split costs fairly. Also everyone is bringing a bottle (or 2!) we have a Hen meeting tomorrow to create a ‘menu‘ so to speak and 1 of my hens is then doing the online shop for delivery on the Friday we get there :-) I’ve organised the location, collecting £ and who’s attending and me chief bridesmaid is doing the Fun things as a surprise. I like to have everything under control and didn’t want a big crazy night out or people stressing about going abroad and the associated costs! 


  • stacey147stacey147 Posts: 108

    Mine comes to about £150 each for an escape room followed by food and drinks on friday night, a hotel that night then spa day the following day including a chocolate body treatment 

  • MrsTraceyMrsTracey Posts: 815 New bride

    I'd also quite like to be cheeky and ask where this is? As im now planning a hen do for my best friend! 

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