Santorini wedding help - is it too late?

Hi all!

I got engaged in SantorinI last month. I had the most incredible week of my life and fell in love with the island and I can’t imagine getting married anywhere else. 


I never expected my partner of 9 years to propose and we were going to start trying for a family in the near future, however we would put this back to next year if we could get married in early summer 2019. We only want a very small wedding, up to 10 family members. I was hoping for an intimate ceremony in a nice location followed by an evening meal at a taverna. Nothing fancy or lavish, or too expensive and then just have a lovely holiday there with close family. I was hoping for around late May or June time. 


My question is have I left this too late with it only being a year away? Many people seem to want to get married on this beautiful island. I started contacting wedding planners yesterday, i haven’t had many replies yet but a couple have contacted me and are fully booked. Darryl from Simply Meditteranean Weddings has contacted me and said he has availability and I am waiting for him contacting me with the venue details. Anna Vafeidou also seems very keen to assist however I have read some not so good reviews about her. 


Does anyone have any recommendations for wedding planners or places that I should consider? We visited Santo winery last month and loved that but I am very open to other locations. 




  • Ambam19Ambam19 Posts: 562 New bride

    hiya, it’s definitely doable so don’t stress. I’m using Darryl and he’s fantastic. I also spoke to Anna but felt she was too laid back for my liking X

  • Chelsey5Chelsey5 Posts: 40

    No you got plenty of time to organise your wedding!We chose Santorini Gem for our wedding .It is next to Santo Winery but more private.Our wedding planner is Alexandra from Gold-Weddings Santorini-so far we are very satisfied .

  • Matt20Matt20 Posts: 31 New bride

    Very doable. Do all the translations etc yourself as you'll save a small fortune. Its really easy too. Use a planner, Nikos Sirigos is brilliant, or you can alternatively go direct to the venues.


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