Who is wearing two dresses/what are you wearing for register office?!

hi There,

we are having a wedding blessing outdoor at an uncertified location so have to go to the register office in the morning before the blessing.

its just us and our children, parents for the office and then 100 people for the blessing in the afternoon. I have my dress for the afternoon/evening but struggle to think what to wear in the morning.

my hair and makw up is only done after the register office, so wearing my wedding dress is not an option and i dont really want to either as the blessing is 6 hours later.

what are you wearing? Are you changing through the day?


thank Sarahimage

thats my afternoon/evening dress


  • N111N111 Posts: 10

    ooo your wedding dress is gorgeous!! 


    We're getting married in France, so our legal wedding will be in the UK just over a month before the French one. So definitely not wearing my wedding dress for that. I'm wearing this to the register office : image

    I might wear the sleeves differently however. Planning on wearing a nude pair of shoes I have from LK Bennett with the dress as well. 

    On the day of the wedding I'm wearing my wedding dress the whole day (from ceremony to dancing).  Luckily it has an overskirt that comes off and I'll have a more manageable dress for the partying. So best of both worlds :) 

    I think the register office can be as relaxed or as formal as you want it to be, so you could wear another more casual looking white dress or something totally un-weddingy. 

    You could also potentially repurpose your register office outfit for your evening bit? 


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