Hotel wedding for 5000 am I being unrealistic?

Hi everyone so I'm having a dilemma, me and my fiance really would like a hotel wedding venue for the certificate and reception as we love the idea of having everything all under one roof and we have lots of children coming so we like the idea that the children have a base for the day also. However looking at prices I can't seem to find anything apart from holiday inn that is within our 5000 budget, am I being unrealistic? We set aside 5000 for the reception/ceremony then another 3000 for everything else. We are in the surrey/middlesex area. Would like to know if anybody has any ideas to help or if I'm just being unrealistic? Any thoughts would be great xx


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    Just a thought but im getting married in a hotel in cyprus for around 5000 thats including everything even accomodation for a week but im only have 25 people and the ceremony in town hall but its an idea if you can get people to fly to wedding. But u can always do a party at home wen u get back. 


    Just an idea hun good luck planning xx



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    Have a look at Groupon for wedding deals in your area, they are usually for hotels.

    We are in Kent and have 70 day/approx 100 at night in a pub which is licensed for weddings and that is costing around £5k for ceremony, all food/drink and DJ.

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    Thank you so much for your replies, I didn't realise going abroad was that affordable I thought it would be way more so that's defo food for thought thank you.

    Thanks for your reply I never thought to even look at Groupon finds that's a great idea I,'ll look at it now. 

    Now I feel like maybe our budget is ok. 

    I've been stressing loads about it.

  • No, I don't  think you’re being unrealistic at all. We’re getting married in a lovely country hall in Notts and it’s costing is less than £4K. For that we get exclusive use, 3 course meal for 50 followed by petit fours and coffee/tea, hire of all table linnen, glasswear etc., evening buffet for 100, sweet table,  dj, card postbox hire, x5 rooms for the night of the wedding followed by breakfast. We do have to hire our own chair covers and sashes though (£50). 

    We got such a good deal because the coordinator had a quoter to fill for 2018 weddings so we agreed to move our date form early 2019 to late 2018 (which was our original date anyway - long story). This does mean we’re getting married out of season (Sat 3rd Nov), so we could further negotiate price. We also agreed to put the whole payment down, too (my parents gift to us).

    Have you considered looking at golf clubs? These often do really good deals and I spoke to another lady awhile ago who was getting married at a golf club but they use a marquee for weddings (so not your usual corporate function rooms with swirly carpets). 

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    I deffo think that's reasonable. I'm having a hotel wedding and it' 2500 for 40 day guests with a 3 course meal and 60 evening guests with a cold buffet. We also get the bridal suit free and discount on guest rooms. I'm in the West Midlands and it's a best western hotel x

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    I thought you meant for 5000 people lol, not a great contributor to the thread but I was like WOAH - how do you know that many people?!

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    You will definitely find something for under £5000, considering off peak days/time of year will also help bring the cost down. I know someone who had a wedding at a Holiday Inn and the hotel did a great job of it.

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    TalieD wrote (see post):

    I thought you meant for 5000 people lol, not a great contributor to the thread but I was like WOAH - how do you know that many people?!

    Me too!

  • Definitely can be done! There's a 5* independent hotel near me that offers a package of £2000 for everyone for 20 people, obviously have to pay per head on top of that but still could be achievable. 

    I would say hunt down special offer packages and don't be afraid to be a bit cheeky and see if they can throw things in - if you're willing to go weekday/out of season that will definitely help with this. 

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    Its definitely doable, but cost per head can b a big factor.

    How many guests will u have?

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