Dress Disappointment!

I got married Saturday & the day could not have gone more perfect, however, after seeing people's photos I'm worried I look trashy in my dress...see cleavage! 


It didn't fit like this at my fittings, it was classy and elegant and gave me a waist. I really regret not getting my girls to pull me in more the morning of the wedding.

After such an amazing day I feel so awful that I keep crying and feeling sick over this. And poor hubby (that sounds odd) is getting a little bit annoyed as I don't believe him when he says I looked stunning.

Im just so gutted as I never wanted my boobs on show, I designed my dress myself so it was flattering & you could see all the beading, nd I feel I didn't get that.

I'm now dreading the professional pics incase I hate them! 

Has anyone got any tips on how the hell I get over this? 




  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,135 New bride

    Firstly - I think you look lovely and radiant and it isn’t too booby at all! It sounds beautiful too and from your description you love your dress as did your husband which is the most important thing! You can’t see much flesh at all  and my first reaction to the photo was how happy you look!

    But secondly - don’t focus on a photo when you’re sitting down and your posture isn’t great - now please don’t take this the wrong way but in that photo you’re hunched slightly and leaning to the side which naturally gives you much more of a cleavage than when you’re standing or sitting naturally! I’m sure that in a majority of other photos you won’t even notice a cleavage!! but it’s torally natural to fixate on one thing you don’t love - the curse of being a woman maybe!! But try not to worry. I’m sure there are so many more photos where you’ll realise how lovely you look. And I’m sure your photographer pics will be even more flattering too. Honestly; you look radiant. The most important thing is that you are married, had a fabulous day and your now husband thought you looked Incredible! 

  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 1,906 New bride

    I agree with Ashley, it doesn't look trashy at all, but sitting down hunched over will push your boobs up. I'm sure in pics where you are standing or sitting straight your boobs are far less prominent.

  • Julia101Julia101 Posts: 162 New bride

    I agree with the above posters.... I think the first thing you notice in that photo is your lovely smile. When I tried my dress I thought the opposite, it makes my (small) boobs look smaller so I will be trying to push them up 😂 it's true we always focus on the little things we don't like, whereas nobody else notices!  I bet the rest of your pics are amazing x 

  • Bella22Bella22 Posts: 9

    Thank You all so much. I do feel better now. I always think strangers online will always tell the truth more than family and friends in these situations. Haha

    I think I just got myself so down about it not fitting how it did in the shop and it ended up being my main focus when actually, I had an incredible day. I'm always so worried about what people think (part of my anxiety) and didn't want them thinking I was cutting it fine with the boobs 

  • MrsR17MrsR17 Posts: 76 New bride

    Agree! I hate the photos of me sitting down signing the register and at the speeches so unflattering, should have practised it in the fittings so I could see how it looked. I am sure your professional photos will be stunning :) 

  • MrsT2017MrsT2017 Posts: 225

    So totally know how you feel, was so devastated about how my dress fit on the day (was three sizes too big and crumpled all around my middle and looked crap compared to when I tried it in the shop) but just wanted to say you are probably the only one that will notice any faults because you focus on the minute details nobody even realises are there. It took me a good few months (6 maybe) to feel ok about my wedding photos around this issue but you do get over it eventually and looking back now I am still so in love with my dress as a whole, even with the faults I see on photos! x

  • Bella22Bella22 Posts: 9

    MrsT that's exactly it. It felt baggy round the waist where it should have pulled me in. But like you say, we focus on the small things that we don't like about ourselves that no one else notices.


    So glad you're ok with your wedding photos now. X


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