Tan line nightmare...please help!


So..... this is my tan lines after letting my other half apply the lotion. (Sad face). It has been two weeks since I burnt. Started off with a v shape top and then tried to tan the bottom half....thoroughly regretting now! 

I have 6 weeks to go until the wedding and my dress will show these lines. 

I have tried to cover them with fake tan and I am exfoliating and moisturising everyday. 

I have started with two short sessions on the sun bed with sun lotion following the wiggles on the line but not sure if this will help or be enough  

I know it’s a silly thing to be upset about and I should have protected my skin more but any advice would be gratefully received. 


  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    Using a sunbed will make it worse as the tanned bits will tan even more....it won't go even I'm afraid.

    You could try a spray tan now and have a trial but you are on limited time...they may be able to blend it for you. 

  • Julia101Julia101 Posts: 161 New bride

    I think with moisturising as often as you can and with 6 weeks to go the burn will heal fine. I don't think it'll be as obvious as you think, what's your dress like at the back?   I would imagine the best way to cover any lines would be fake fan/matt bronzer. I'd prob stay out of the sun as much as possible until then to fade everything as much as possible. I'd try not to worry too much, don't let it spoil the run up to your wedding. 

  • KittyFiennesKittyFiennes Posts: 775 New bride

    I'd def stop with the tanning bed too. That's not going to even things out well enough and will dry your skin out more, possibly exacerbating any drying/ peeling. I'd try a spray tan now and see how you like the results. Continue to moisturize and use aloe; aloe not only cools and moisturizes, it can actually help tame the redness. Do you have a long veil? If not, perhaps consider getting one if your dress is the kind that displays your back. You can always pop your veil on and leave it on if you end up feeling self-conscious about how it looks once the big day arrives.

  • MrsTraceyMrsTracey Posts: 802 New bride

    I read you should treat it like an actual burn (this also happened to me two weeks before the wedding, but not as severe!) so ice it asap and take a cold shower if you can bear it. Then I've been moistursing, using after sun and also applying sudocrem. Good luck, I'm sure you'll be fine with six weeks to go. 

  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 1,763 New bride

    It's not going to heal while you are going on sunbeds, that's the worst thing you could do! As above, aloe vera, moisturisation and try to leave it alone.

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