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Annoying Habits?

I know that we all love our H2B's very much and that we also probably have annoying habits, but I was interested to know what your H2B does that drives you crazy!

I'll go first....

He leaves his dishes ON TOP of the dishwasher, even when it isn't full, or hadn't just been on. Y!!?!!!! I don't understand why it is sooooo hard to open the door and put them INSIDE instead of making the place look messy (admittedly I am a tidy/clean freak!)

Lol xx


  • Ooooh, where do I start?!!!

    1. He never puts the ironing board away - I think he thinks there is some magic ironing board fairy for that.

    2. If he empties the dryer (on the rare occasions that he does), he folds all his stuff and takes it upstairs and just leaves mine in a crumpled heap in the basket. I NEVER do that to him!

    3. If he's waiting for me when we're going out, he stands with his hands in his pockets, jingling his coins - it drives me demented!!!

    He has lots of lovely habits as well though, like bringing me coffee in bed every morning.

    Chris x
  • mlimmlim Posts: 247
    he always leaves a pair of dirty socks by the bed when he goes to bed, then picks them up and puts them in the washing basket (2 feet away!) in the morning!

  • MoominmummyMoominmummy Posts: 1,621
    ha ha ChrisH, My H2B has the same annoying habit about the washing too! He always puts his stuff away and leaves mine on the drying rack or just in a heap. He has learned now though that I don't like it!

    Um, what else?? Generally he's very good and if something annoys me I can tell him and he makes an effort not to do it. I think I'm far worse though, it takes me ages to break a bad habit!!

    His most annoying habit though, which genuinely gets my back up every time is checking my parking is straight and has left enough of a gap between me and the next car so they can get out. Sometimes I just leave the key in the ignition and stomp off in a huff!!! If its not good enough for him he can move it himself - hmmmpp! (and I'm a pretty good parker thanks very much!)
  • babybukbabybuk Posts: 248
    H2b rubs his feet together all the time and all the bed sheets are rubbed where he rubs his feet.

    He even has a piece of carpet at our friends so he doesnt rub the carpet up!!:\)
  • claretweezeclaretweeze Posts: 1,613
    Snoring, especially after drinking! So glad we have spare room sometimes!
  • Claire07ukClaire07uk Posts: 3,482
    Whenever he washes the dishes the whole kitchen is covered in soapy water and he never wipes the worktop. He is a very messy cleaner if that makes sense!
  • Kaz2609Kaz2609 Posts: 415
    Claretweeze....I am so with you on the snoring one!! My H2B also snores and it's practically impossible to get him to stop. I've tried rolling him onto his side, waking him up and have even bought him the nose strips to wear.....and I still end up sleeping in the spare bed!!!


  • Hey hey, I have a carpet rubber too!

    Our carpet is runied under the dinner table and "his" side of the sofaa. We have cream carpet and he generally wears black socks so we have black bobbles all over our carpet.

    I must be a little wierd with the snoring..... i find his quite soothing.

    Oh nearly forgot, empty packets/bottles/wrapper put back in fridge/cupboard?! Why?!

    Thats the worst of it though
  • LIZZYGukLIZZYGuk Posts: 336
    Hi all!

    H2b snores really badly too and thats his annoying habit. It is like sleeping next to a fog horn - i kid you not. And he always leaves the fan on just to waste electricity. And he always cleans his car. (he cleaned mine once. Ive had it two years and never cleaned it on the inside and the one time it was cleaned on the outside was when he did it.) I know that doesn't sound annoying but he cleans it 4 or 5 times a week.

    But he has millions of lovely habits and i love him to pieces! :\)
  • banana_jambanana_jam Posts: 2,215
    Oh nearly forgot, empty packets/bottles/wrapper put back in fridge/cupboard?! Why?!

    Ha ha!! I do that too!! It drives h2b mad!! I don't know why I do it either... :\)
  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    leaves lights on all over the house

    and windows open when the heating is on
  • babybukbabybuk Posts: 248
    Hey Louise,

    Yes black little bobbles all over the carpet I get that aswell!

    His stepmum used to make him take his socks off in the house she was a really bad clean freak! Lucky for him im not to bad!
  • Ha ha!

    MC: Yup, he does that too, dirty socks and boxers next to his bed, to put them in the wash basket in the morning, which is also in the bedroom!

    Shoegal: Parking! Yup, its always park there, no there, thats better, no straighter! I get so annoyed because he just confuses me and I tell him to be quiet or I will just abandon the car in the middle of the car park!

    Claire: Yes, that is also true. Nice he does the dishes, but its just soooo messy after! Like someone has had a water fight!

    However, he does do lots of lovely things, like ironing my clothes (I hate and can't iron!) and he also can sew, plus (I did promise I wouldn't tell anyone this but seeing as you don't know him) when I was REALLY bored he let me paint his nails and do makeup on him, then he painted mine and did my makeup (I looked like I had 2 black eyes!)

    N x
  • hmmm lets see:

    1- leaves his dirty socks and boxers on the floor by the dirty washing hamper???

    2- leaves the dirty washing in the sink (even after ive gone to bed) so there it sits all night, until i come down to put it in the dishwasher.

    3- cannot listen or answer anything i say while he is watching the tv - even if it is a crap cartoon or a commercial.

    4- he has never made the bed ONCE. i actually think he may have a in 'help im too domesticated as i made the bed'.

    I think thats it, one day i must ask him if theres anything i do that annoys him - or maybe its just best not to know....

    I of course love his habits good and bad, and sometimes SOMETIMES find the bad habits endearing.


  • He leaves things on the bed (backpack, notebook, papers) and won't put them away until he comes to bed, often after me so I end up lying next to them (I refuse on principal to tidy this sort of stuff up for him). The funniest moment was when he got into bed last weekend and lay down on his chequebook. The look on his face was priceless!

    He also kicks his feet when he gets into bed which lets all the cold air in. Grr!
  • My H2B won't make phone calls to people he doesn't know - he'll do ANYTHING to avoid calling workmen, sales people, information lines etc. We are buying a flat together and he won't call the estate agents, solicitors etc. Email is fine, but any calls have to be made by me.

    Also, he won't go on buses - I think for the reason that he is shy of the bus driver, worried about not having the correct change etc. It drives me mad. Sometimes I ask him what he'll do if I'm really ill or about to have a baby and we need to call an ambulance. He's promised he'll make the call if lives are at stake...

    He's an intelligent guy and he's fine calling me, his friends or family. So what's the problem? GRRRRRR.

    I guess I was attracted to him in the first place because he's shy in a very endearing way, so I can't really complain.

    And as for not making the bed, never noticing dust etc etc - I won't even go there! But I love him to pieces.
  • I think I win on the cleaning one, we were having a 'discussion' a while back now about the housework and I was going on at him for never cleaning the oven, his response and I quote "I thought we'd bought that self cleaning one". No that would just be me!!! Plus the dirty laundry next to or even on top of the laundry basket - what is that all about!??!?
  • On the domestic side of things it would be him moaning about me, he is wonderful in that sense, but he cannot keep his cash he is usually skint the week after pay day, drives me mad but bless him he usually spends it all on me. So Mr Wedding Tigger if you are reading this stop spending all your pennies on me and treat yourself for a change. xx
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