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Any B2B's running the FLM 2007?

I've applied for a place through work and am waiting to find out in a couple of weeks. I've had a place before and have been injured during the training so I'm really hoping I get another chance to crack it by the time I'm 30 - next June.

If I don't loose weight through running the FLM then I'm never going to be a skinny-minnie!


  • did it in 2005 -had a fab fab time but not sure I'm keen to do it again (more than a crawl than a run!)

    Not sure when your wedding is but if close to the marathon make sure your shoes are 'toes in' (I lost 4 or 5 toesnails after - niiiiiiiiiice - they took 6 months to grow back!!! eeek)

    good luck!
  • Hiya

    Wow you're both really brave! Haven't attempted a marathon but have done the Great North Run two years running. If you go for it I would definitely recommend getting some running shoes fitted at a specialist shop - I lost some toenails too and it is not pretty!

    If you are both regular runners and haven't already seen it, is a great site for trainings gear and accessories.


  • Thanks kathyrn for the link to girls run too - I've been looking for something like that for years! Have just ordered a pair of the perfect running shorts - woohoo!

    Hope you get a place on the marathon pickwai. I did it in 2005 - got a place through a charity called One World Action. It was definitely one of the best days of my life (despite the pain and trauma!) - people are so amazingly supportive ALL the way round.

    Good luck with the training!
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