recommend weight loss exercise dvds here.!!!!!

i need help choosing and due to weddign budget i cant just go and buy 4 or 5 from amazon so need to make sure i get it right first time and i thought this would be helpful for lots of others too if we all just share videos we find useful and help u really loose the weight. i just cant decide, i have stone to loose for 14 weeks time. xxxxxxxxx


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    i have tried every dvd going but still go back to the same ones - kate lawler's cardio combat when i'm up for a sweaty work my ass off workout and bev callards rapid results when i'm in a chiselling/toning mood. both give me fast visible results which i need to keep motivated!

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    I've got the davina high energy five dvd and I'm quite enjoying it. I've never done a fitness dvd before, but I like the fact that you pick one or two areas from five

    Aerobics - Get your heart rate up and burn fat

    Legs - Tremendous workout for legs and bums

    Pump - Work your upper body and banish those bingo wings

    Abdominals - Ultimate tummy toning

    Boxing - Boxercise to firm up and improve fitness

    so it's different each time. I need to find my weights for the pump section to really tone my arms but they still ached even without. They've got intervals each each section to keep your heart rate up too. I tried a dress on this weekend that hasn't fitted in three years and it fits and I actually felt that it looked good too.
  • I want to invest in a decent fat burning DVD to use at home and am having trouble deciding which one to get.

    I like the sound of the Davina DVD though as I like the idea of being able to chose which kind of workout you want to do, also all the 5 workouts sound like ones that I could do with using to target the areas that cause me concern.

    I think I might splash out on it actually as have read good reports about it.
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    Hi there, I also have Davina's dvd and really like it.. you are advised to do 2 of the 5 sections back to back 3 times a week to notice a difference. I haven't quite got up to 3 times but it is definitely working.. love the boxercise bit! I think I got mine online from HMV which was cheap at the time, Tesco should also have it! Good luck image
  • JenShawnJenShawn Posts: 162
    Hi there, I also have Davina's dvd and really like it.. you are advised to do 2 of the 5 sections back to back 3 times a week to notice a difference. I haven't quite got up to 3 times but it is definitely working.. love the boxercise bit! I think I got mine online from HMV which was cheap at the time, Tesco should also have it! Good luck image
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    I have Charlie Brooks Before and After Workout, have only been using it on and off for a few months, but have started doing it religiously since last Friday. I really used to like Anthea Turner's TLC video, but it eventually died, and I feel Charlie Brooks is an updated version. It's really good in my opinion! Can deffinitely feel and see it working, especially the pilates section at the end. There are 5 sections:

    1. Warm up - around 10 mins, getting used to some of the moves featured in the following sections.

    2. Disco - around 10 mins, you may get some funny looks if you dance like this in a club! Features heel digs and cha-cha!

    3. Combat - around 10 mins, gets the heart pumping, lots of punches, knee raises and kicks - very good for the arms!

    4. High Intensity - around 10 mins of breathlessness and sweat if you're fairly unfit like me - can deffinitely feel this one working! LOADS of squats, lunges, calve raises, skipping and the wonderful *sumo* lol!

    5. Pilates - 10 mins, kind of a cool down with main focus on arms and tums! Including press ups, the plank, knee folds, leg extensions, scissors and general cool down moves.

    Plus, it was released a year or so ago so you could probably get it cheap online - why not have a look on ebay?

    She says she lost a stone every six weeks and to do the workout 2-3 times a week. It gives you her diet plan to follow if you choose to, but to be honest it's just your regular low calorie low fat diet.

    Let us know what you choose image
  • I have purchased a copy of the Davina McCall three 30 minute workouts DVD off Ebay as a starting point. I have also put in a best offer on the High Energy 5 one too so hopefully I will get that.

    I might invest in one of the Ministry of Sound Pump it Up DVDs as I have seen one quite cheaply on Ebay. If I have a few different ones to choose from it should give me some choice of different workouts to do.

    I need to really get some that will burn fat - I've plenty of that to burn!

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    Hi i am looking for an exercise DVD, i already have the Rosemary Conley GI Jeans dvd which is enjoyable - it has a 30 min aerobic workout part, and 20/25 min salsacise part, a 15 min (i think) toning part and two other parts showing you the salsa moves and an intro from Rosemary.

    I'm after a dvd with maximum of 30 minute workouts that really work you hard (medium to hard will be fine), i've looked for a few days now at what there is out there and it appears to the a choice of Nell Mcandrew or Davina Mccall, does anyone recommend these at all?

    SmileyShazza - my friend has the Ministry of Sound dvd and says the workout isn't that great but the music (which you can listen to separately) is good.

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    My Kate Lawler's Cardio Combat came today and i used it for the first time. It was really good, my legs are killing me already and although I didn't feel it at the time I was sweating after it , great fun too. Good luck whichever you choose x
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    It's got to be Davina all the way.

    I swear that woman should give a royalty payment to this website though as before my wedding last year my fellow brides were all on here recommended it then too!

    It really works.
  • Hi, the pump it dvd is really good a right killer though that is the first onethat came out. I have just been doing the Davina DVD, you know what i just popped it in the dvd and i have been doing all, no wonder why i am knackered. really good and she makes you laugh.

    I alsway get my dvd's music etc from, they are cheaper and postage is free too. i think i got my dvd for 11.00 when it first came out. they arrive within about 2 days too.

    Good luck
  • Personally I find Davina's dvds very repetitive and quite slow - but I prefer pure aerobics rather than circuit training which is what Davina's essentially are.

    I would recommend the Charlie Brooks and Natalie Cassidy ones - they have the same personal trainer and are much more of the "jump about shouting whoop!" type that I like!! The Charlie one is better if youre new to exercise, and the Natalie one is harder going, so kinda the next step up.

    Also, the Kate Lawler one is very good - hard going, but very good, especially if you like combat/kickboxing type stuff xx
  • hi girls im actually mixing too dvds at the moment and find that they are giving me the best work out. i am using natalie cassidys workout dvd which i think is the same trainer as the charlie brooks one, and then im using the daina high energy five

    what ive been doing is the warm up aerobics and boxericse fom natalies and then the pump(weights) abdominals and cool down from davinas dvd. i just find that i prefer natalies as the routine isnt as complicated and therefore i ca putmroe effort into it as when i was doing davinas aerobics i wasnt puttin as much effort in and didnt lose as much weight when i started doin hers.

    backon track tis week as last few weeks only been doin it once a wek n havnt lost as much so frm this week it back up to 3 times a week . roll on the summer to show ofmy bikini bodimage
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    I am another one who recommends Davina!

    The power of three work out is great, it lasts about one hour and if you do it regularly you do see a difference in your body. I bought the box set which also contains the Davina three thirty minute work outs. That one is meant to be for a busy lifestyle. You just do each of the three work outs in a week. I have tried one of them and I was in agony the next days aching!! So I tend to stick with the power of three as it leaves me achey but not so much that I can't walk!!

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    I recommend Nell Mcandrew Ultimate Challenge. You sweat absolute buckets and it works your abs so much. Its amazing but not for the light hearted!!
  • I've started with the Tricia Penrose dvd. It has a 20 min 'fat burner' and 10 min 'body blitz' and 2 sections for targeted areas - abs and bum, thighs and arms. Not bad and she shows the before and after clips! Ached a bit the first time but it gets better. She lost 2 stone in 3 months!!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed...
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