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Hula Hoop

My mum bought my daughter one last week £4 in Asda it has water in it. Its great I do it in the evening and can really feel it working I feel skinnier because I feel mt muscle are tighter would definately recommend one and its a lot cheaper than most diet and fitness products.

I don't believe in dieting but I have stopped my eating in the evening and sit ups I started doing 10 sit ups now I can do 100 in one go. I wrote myself an exercise plan that worked for me and I lost 6 3/4 inches in about 3 months and a weight lose of 9lbs. Was 10 stone 7 lbs now just under 10.

My problem though is my thighs I was really skinny until I got pregnant with my first child and immediately my thighs and bum gained a lot of weight was 7stone when I got pregnant and 11 stone when he was born. I am asking my H2B for Liposuction but he won't take me seriously thinks that I am joking when I mention it.

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  • dlp01dlp01 Posts: 222
    i have a hula hoop too - how long have you been doing it to notice the difference - ie time each day as well. i get married in 43 days and have been going to the gym for the last 4 weeks properly i can feel that my body is a lot firmer but i dont think ive lost much round my waist as my trousers arent hanging off me xx
  • melowdiemelowdie Posts: 219
    For exercises for your thighs try this page:

    Hope this helps you ;\)

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  • BoogiebabyukBoogiebabyuk Posts: 1,723
    I've only being using it for a week. Use it once Emmerdale comes on for about 20 minutes.

    Thanks for the exercise website I'll check it out. I find thigh exercises general put a lot of pressure on my back, don't know if I'm doing them wrong, but I have suffered will slight back ache since having my children.
  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    I really need to get back into using the hula hoop - I found it really helped to tone my tummy. I think I will try it today hehe. x
  • ilizzieilizzie Posts: 1,328
    got a wii fit today and there is a hula hoop on it

    its really funny - and does make you feel like you have been doing it - which is good as i can't keep one going in 'real' life!

    hope it works the same - need to lose a few inches from my waist!

    lizzie x
  • hzgreenhzgreen Posts: 512
    i've got a hula hoop but can't make the damn thing work! : )
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