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Me in my dress!

here it is! got a good deal as well! 600 pounds and a free tiara! i've got a bit of weight to lose before the big day though!

i know there's loads but i love it!!! xx


  • kspriggs39kspriggs39 Posts: 507

  • KK22ukKK22uk Posts: 99
    Omg u look stunning! Where is ur dress from?x
  • TABSukTABSuk Posts: 1,479
    Gorgeous dress and I don't think you need to lose weight at all (though we all think that!!!)

    Really pretty

  • bishopzukbishopzuk Posts: 127
    Wow - you look fab!! I havn't even got as far as steeping foot inside a bridal shop yet!
  • kspriggs39kspriggs39 Posts: 507
    woops sorry posted that twice! it's maggie sottero - Chelsea. got it from White lace in Coleshill, Birmingham xx
  • You look fantastic! Your dress is stunning, so flattering, hope mine looks as good when it arrives.
  • TABSukTABSuk Posts: 1,479
    I'm having a Maggie too, they are lush!

    When do you get married?

  • emmacoulbyemmacoulby Posts: 251
    you look really beautiful!! xxx
  • tamaraaltitamaraalti Posts: 128
    beautiful, you look lovelyimage x
  • kspriggs39kspriggs39 Posts: 507
    thanks guys, the wedding is the 29th November this year, i'm very excited!! xx
  • pink781pink781 Posts: 1,341
    you look lovely (nice curves) and are very photogenic image you dont need to lose weight!!
  • rachaelafryrachaelafry Posts: 4,271
    Its gorgeous you look fab in it, love maggie dresses xx
  • rosekate15rosekate15 Posts: 2,440
    WoW you look amazing.
  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride
    gorgeous ! xx
  • jojo2972jojo2972 Posts: 317
    You look really beautiful.
  • Misty_leafMisty_leaf Posts: 1,855
    wow that dress is stunning
  • laura217uklaura217uk Posts: 745
    totally gorgeous!

    (and really love the sparkles at the back going down the train.. want mine ot have that now lol)

  • fish92fish92 Posts: 1,337
    lovely and OMG you dont need to loose weight you look great in it and very slim.

    You are very pretty and have amazing skin.
  • kspriggs39kspriggs39 Posts: 507
    wow thanks for all the nice comments! ye i think the dress is v flattering, the only thing that gives away the fact i'm actually a size 16 is my arms! lol. my skin isnt very good at all, i've been using special face washes for my face and been having sunbeds to get rid of my milk bottle whiteness!! in fact on that pic i've got a bit of sunburn but you cant tell thank god! lol. i love the sparkles as well, the only problem is that i originally wanted to take some off the length of the train but cant as the sparkles are on there! o well i love them so i'll drag the big train round! lol xx
  • You look stunning!!! That dress to beautiful. great choice. also i agree with the other ladies you do not need to lose weight you look lovely and slim in the dress x
  • ApeseyApesey Posts: 1,395
    You look fantastic in that dress!

  • Beautiful - loving the detail at the back, really nice shape to it!
  • kspriggs39kspriggs39 Posts: 507
    i was looking for something a bit more plain but i tried this one on at the wedding show at the NEC and i fell in love with it! the shop is right near where i work so i keep going up on my lunch to see it! these pics were taken today, i got one of the girls in the office to bring her camera and take some pics so i can look whenever i want. plus my nan is paying for the dress and she cant come to the shop so i want to show her some pics xx
  • julie444ukjulie444uk Posts: 2,129
    wow wee, you look stunning
  • emmagroeemmagroe Posts: 455
    What a lovely dress it suits you so well, I love the shape on the front of the bodice it makes your waist look stunning. Don't worry about losing weight, I would love curves like yours!
  • rmsmeatonrmsmeaton Posts: 452
    looks lovely, you certainly don't look like a 16 in the dress, your arms look great too..... stunning xx
  • d7pd7p Posts: 298
    You look gorgeous!!

  • Thank you for posting your pics, I've bought the same dress and was starting to panic that it wasn't how I'd remembered it and that when I turn up for my fitting I'd hate it.

    But if anything it's better than I remember!! Totally put my mind at rest.

    And you look great in it, hope I look that good!
  • i think you look stunning and the dress is gorgeous, i love the sparkly bits on it!
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