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special K

Anyone tried this diet??/ and if yes did you lose any weight???.

I am thinking of giving it a go as i love Special K and would make it easy for to take to work for lunch.

Do you have it for breakfast, lunch and then what do you have for tea and can you swap these areound as i do stupid shift patterns.

I need to loose at least 4 stone and drop 2 dress sizes to get into my dress in June 09.

If i dont manage this i may resort to liposuction.


  • melowdiemelowdie Posts: 219
    I don't advise doing it for a long time but I've done it a few times and lost a few pounds! For dinner I would eat salad and alternate each day with either pices of chicken or slamon!
  • 141Bash141Bash Posts: 500
    I don't think it's a good idea as there's not enough energy there to get you through all day just on two bowls of cereal full of chemical versions of vitamins. You are far more likely to eat more at dinner or give in and snack on fattening food because you will be too hungry. It is basically starving yourself this diet, and I can't believe Special K are allowed to get away with it. It's much better to lose weight sensibly without cutting out the vital energy foods your body needs.
  • bellelouisebellelouise Posts: 896
    i'm doing it now i eat specail k for breakfast and lunch then have salad or meat and veg for tea. i have cut out potatoes, bread and pasta and i feel so much better for it. i lost 2lb first week but couldnt get weighed this week but i get married a week today so am doing it till then. in between bowls of cereals i eat fruit and i have low fat youghurt at lunch to, and yes you can alternate it
  • Lolly84ukLolly84uk Posts: 2,219
    i have done it before for breakfast and dinner - cos you don't need energy for sleeping do you??? at lunch time i had a healthy lunch like plain jacket potato, salad and chicken. nothing special but nothing too filling or rich. fruit in btwn. xxx
  • I have done it before and it worked quite well as long as you have the willpower! I lost about 6 pounds over the 2 weeks

    x x x
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