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CUBA - advice..

Hi everyone, I'm thinking of getting married in Cuba and was wondering if anyone knows much about it..not the actual legal bits but the place. Friends of my h2b have been and said it's a great place but the food isn't too wonderful and other pepole from work have been and have said the food's great..Everyone has said that the country is great as are the people but it's quite an ask to invite people all the way over to struggle with the food for 2 weeks..

Thanks guys x :\)


  • bishopzukbishopzuk Posts: 127
    Hi! We went to Cuba 2 years ago now (I've been before but with a friend) we did a split centre - Havana and the beach - Havana is def something to see if you have the time, its amazing place and changing so much.

    As for food - we were in an all-inclusive and the food was fab - we stayed at a Melia hotel in Cayo coco and NH Parque Central in Havana.

    At the NH, we only had B&B - no problems there, they catered for all tastes, including their version of full cooked breakfast. Out and about in Havana - we tried local food - never had a problem.
  • I had a wonderful holiday in Cuba last year, lovely people beautiful country, and as already mentioned, Havana is worth seeing. As for the food, we didn't find it a problem. In our all inc beach resort the buffet style food was the same standard you would find anywhere in the CArribean - nothing spectacular but nice enough. We had some a la carte restaurants at the resort (and also tried a couple in Havana) and these were absolutely lovely! I think that you would find that there is enough choice of food available to suit almost everyones tastes/needs
  • Yey someone else who is going to cuba!!

    I'm getting married in Playa pesquero next march, can't wait. It's got 7 restaurants and its AI so there shouldn't be a problem with food. Theres a few bars and buffets as well, and an ice cream parlour so i know i won't starve and i'm a really fussy eater. My mum is a veggie and there is a vegetarian restaurant as well so everone is catered for. Have a look at tripadvisor to see which are the best places, good luck, let me know what you decide image
  • melowdiemelowdie Posts: 219
    H2B and myself go to cuba 2 or 3 times a year (love the place) no worries with the food it's fantastic. And I have food allergies so that saying something because it doesn't matter where we go on holiday I always have a bloody nightmare trying to find great tasting food!But as stated, you must see Havana!
  • sarnydeesarnydee Posts: 107
    I went to Cuba last year on holiday and absolutely loved the place! We stayed at one of the quieter resorts, Sol Cayo Guillermo, and it was fab! The rooms are amazing, the food is great, I put on half a stone and I'm a veggie. They do weddings there which are quite intimate and I would love to go back there, but I'm getting married in Sri Lanka on an elephant instead!!!
  • paulafosterukpaulafosteruk Posts: 1,027
    we went to Cuba 2 years ago and also stayed in the melia cayo coco. the buffet was ok but if ur not to keen on that they do cook fresh meals. they made pancakes of a morning and the guy would cut them in to fun shapes and on our last day we had pancakes spelling out Cuba!

    they also has other restaurants there which you could book in, supposedly only twice a week but if they are not busy they will fit you in.

    oh i wanna go back to Cuba now. it was one of the best holidays I've had and the staff there were so great. there was a wedding on when we were there and it looked beautiful

  • What time of year did people go? Anyone in late March? What was the weather like?

  • paulafosterukpaulafosteruk Posts: 1,027
    we were end of june/ early july and it was really hot. there was a few storms but they passed quite quick. its supposed to be more bearable heat feb/march time

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