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Me in my dress!



  • you look amazing! you have a gorgeous figure, think you chose the perfect dress for your colouring, shape etc, it really is beautiful. so pleased for you!

  • MissscukMissscuk Posts: 199
    it looks beautiful
  • kspriggs39kspriggs39 Posts: 507
    Thank you for posting your pics, I've bought the same dress and was starting to panic that it wasn't how I'd remembered it and that when I turn up for my fitting I'd hate it.

    But if anything it's better than I remember!! Totally put my mind at rest.

    And you look great in it, hope I look that good!

    wow, i've got a dress twin! lol. i was panicking too but the ladies at the dress shop were lovely and let me go in to see the sample whenever i want. now i've got these pics though so i dont need to keep nipping out of the office on my lunch! lol
  • debz82debz82 Posts: 141
    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! x x x
  • sommeruksommeruk Posts: 172
    The dress looks amazing! If you're worried about dragging the train around all day is there some way you could get it 'bustled'-especially for the evening? I'm thinking of finding someone to bustle my dress. There are several different styles of bustling, and one may be suitable for your dress.

  • lol8256lol8256 Posts: 109
    You look beautiful and, in my humble opinion, you DO NOT need to loose any weight .... your dress is gorgeous and you look fab!

    Although I also know it's how YOU feel in the dress that matters but, honestly, you look so good image)

  • FtailbrideFtailbride Posts: 210
    Ahh that's stunning! I wouldn't stress about losing weight, doesn't look like you need to! :\)
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