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How did you find your dream dress?

Hello Ladies,

I am hoping for some inspiration.... how did you all find your dream dress? I am feeling uninspired at looking at web pages and magazines so think I need a trip to the shop but am a bit scared! xx


  • natashabonenatashabone Posts: 631
    I was so scared to go dress shopping! I'd found a picture of the one I liked and called a dress shop near where I live and they had it in stock so off I went to give it a try.

    The shop didnt open till 10 so to kill half an hour I went to a wedding dress shop down the street, didnt think I would find anything and then happened upon the dress of my dreams!

    Didn't even like it on the hanger and only tried it on to see if the shape would suit me! Its the one I'm planning on buying now lol!

    You should definitely go to a shop and try a few on! x
  • Hiya!

    I went into Manchester with my mum armed with a few pictures of my dream dresses, I was a bit worried I would seem like a bridezilla but the shop assistants were lovely and it helped them to get a better idea of what I wanted.

    We went on a Saturday though and most places needed appointments which i didn't realise..bit silly!

    After that made a few appointments each weekend at local shops.I tried all sorts of different styles but finally found THE dress a few weeks ago!!! Worked out that I must have tried on at least 50 and the one I picked was very similar to the first pics I took with me!

    Don't be scared, it has been a lovely experience and everyone has been really helpful.

    Hope that helps xXx
  • OMG almost same thing happened with me porkiepine! Was on way back to car after trying on some lovely dresses but none had given me that 'feeling'. We passed a shop and decided to call in "just to see" and I saw THE dress as soon as I walked through the door. Still dithered about it even though mum and grandad cried but went to another shop weekend after and it was hanging up again as I walked through the door, just delivered! Destiny! xXx
  • LucyLou09ukLucyLou09uk Posts: 251
    Thanks Ladies! I will be brave and venture to the shops. I bet your dresses are gorgeous too : )
  • Dress-shopping wasn't the breeze I expected it to be.

    I trawled loads of websites, magazines and reckon I tried on about 30!

    Eventually you get a feel for what suits you but also what 'look' you want to achieve.

    Good luck!

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