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Alterations, please????? (a bit long)

Hey everyone,

Well I had my first dress fitting on Sat (have Maggie's Annabelle - pic been taken off website but corset top), the dress barely did up a few months ago, but I have since lost a stone and the seamstress has now advised me not to lose any more weight. 'I'd prefer you not to lose any more' was what she said.

Wedding is in 7.5 wks and have just started the gym so am bound to lose a bit more and saw the pics on the PC and I have back fat so not happy!!!!!!

Anyway, she said if she had to take it in she would have to unpick the seams down the side of the corset and that it wouldn't ruin the shap of the dress.

In that case, why does she not want me to lose weight??? Do you think it's her being lazy, or is there soemthing I am missing? Will the dress look pants if it's taken in?

Surely she should reassure me that it will be fine either way? Not seeing her now until 2 wks before the wedding so my dilemma is do I stay as I am (eat more and risk not liking my pics) or carry on losing and hope she can sort it?

Sorry for the rant but just very confused



  • crocosgirlcrocosgirl Posts: 261
    Just being lazy by the sounds of it. It's fine to take most dresses in by a couple of dress sizes if you are an accomplished seamstress.

    They should be well used to brides losing weight in the run up to a wedding & i assume it's not you who chose to have the 1st fitting this far before the wedding?

    Personally, I'd give the shop a call, tell them you are actively trying to lose weight & can they ignore the fitting that's been done & rearrange another one for 3 weeks time.

    That gives them 2 weeks until your last fitting to do the work, which is plenty, when they've got this advance notice. also gives you 3 weeks to lose another few pounds if you want to.

    OR, if you just ignore it & lose more weight & don't see her until 2 weeks before, she'll still have to fix it, but it means possible rushing & panicking for both of you.

    If you are paying the seamstress, you have the right to a good service. If the shop is paying the seamstress, they need to know if she's slacking off!

    good luck!
  • avfmouseavfmouse Posts: 254
    depending on the decoration then yes, somethings will be changed if it is taken in. You have to think about where the boning is and where it will end up if you loose lots of weight. You just have to go easy at the gym, go for a toning programme rather than a massive weight loss drive. And some of the weight you'll replace with muscle so it may not be so drastic.

    It isn't laziness on her party really, it's quite logical. Dress sizes are there for a reason, a size eight person will look wrong in a size 14 that's been altered for example but a size 14 person will look perfect in it.
  • avfmouseavfmouse Posts: 254
    I should have said - it won't look 'pants' as you say, it's just that it wont be 100% perfect.
  • rachaelafryrachaelafry Posts: 4,271
    I once tried a dress in a sample sale that was a size 14 and I am a size 10 and the shop said it wasnt a problem to reduce the dress down to my size, they said it was possible because they also made wedding dresses so were very experienced, it was quite a fussy dress too with lots of beading work, you could always get a second opinion from an independent seamstress xx
  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    I'd say it depends.

    If the alterations are included in the price, or she's given you a fixed quote, then she's trying to stick to that without making a loss.

    If you're paying for her time, then she's trying to save you money.

    The more weight you lose, the more work, and time is money!
  • TABSukTABSuk Posts: 1,479
    I'm paying £150 already for a bustle ribbon and hem (lots of work as not a straight forward hem), so would need to pay more if she took it in.

    The cost isn't really a problem, just wondering why when she said it wouldn't change the shape of the dress, did she not want me to lose weight.

    Thanks for your opinions, I only have 7 wks to go so may not lose loads more!

    All very confusing

  • claire190ukclaire190uk Posts: 293
    I went into a bridal shop and the lady was lovely but she did say to me "youre not going to lose too much weight are you, just half a stone at the most" i am a sz 14 but would love to be 10/12 which is at least losing a stone and then i went into another shop and the lady said it was fine to take a dress down 3 sizes, the problems start when brides put weight on, i think if shes very good it can be done, give them a ring and tell her your worries but to be honest i dont think you will go down too dratic in this short time and your going the gym so you will tone up. Have a wonderful wedding and im sure you will look stunning xx

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