Wide feet - Help!


I have really broad feet. Does anyone know where I can get pretty and affordable wedding shoes?




  • Lil_DeeukLil_Deeuk Posts: 256
    M&S spring to mind immediatly, they have some great stuff in at the moment that you could have as wedding shoes no problems. I'd also suggest BHS, but I'm not 100% sure about their width, but I know they have lots and lots to choose from and they're verrrry reasonably priced image
  • Lily162010Lily162010 Posts: 3,064
    New Look have some lovely wide fitting shoes, around the £15-£20 mark. Evans might be worth a look too as they do wide shoes
  • alr837alr837 Posts: 257
    I've ordered some from Elegant Steps, and another pair from Accessories of Disctinction, just waiting for them to arrive now and see if they fit! ordered in a wide fitting but some are also in extra wide - costing 45 quid from ES and 70 from AoD - suspect they'll be the ones i love the most too! lol

  • Ditto what lil_dee says. I definately rate BHS for wide fitting shoes and they are so reasonable. I got two pairs for myself due to the above and i love them!! There are lots to choose from also. Hope this helps:\)
  • im in a similar position, ive got size 8 feet and they are wide so all shoe recommendations are greatly appreciated
  • LCoweyLCowey Posts: 434
    Evans definitely.
  • Irregular Choice have some gorgeous shoes which are really different and fun. I’m a size 4 and have wide feet and normally struggle but my wedding shoes from there fit perfectly! 
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