Casino table naff or not??

loopy013loopy013 Posts: 126
Hello All,

I'm getting married in July and I'm in two minds whether or not to book a casino table for the evening reception as a surprise for my H2B.

We used to go to the Casino quite often (before we were saving for the wedding) and I think he would love it but I'm just afriad people will think its a bit naff and inappropriate for a wedding.

I have asked friends who said that it is a great ice breaker and can break up the day but I've never been to a wedding where they have had one so I'm not sure.

Also I don't want it to take away from the reason we are there - to celebrate our marriage but on the other hand it would be a lovely surprise/gift for my H2B.

Any thoughts???



  • jambersmithjambersmith Posts: 109
    We're having a casino in one of the rooms at the castle we're getting married at, away from the marquee (main reception area).I think its a brilliant idea. We're having a poker table and a black jack table. Your H2B will love it!

    jen x
  • sarahrobsonuksarahrobsonuk Posts: 3,266
    Sounds great, how do they work, are you given chips?
  • jambersmithjambersmith Posts: 109
    yeah you get given chips, and you can even get the fake notes made with your faces on.
  • loopy013loopy013 Posts: 126
    Hi Jamersmith, thanks for that - I'm not sure if ours would have to be in the same room or not? There is another bar area which is rather large so perhaps it would work better in there away from the main room?

    I had a CD in the house with it on and my H2B saw it, he thought it looked great whilst i pretended not to take much notice!

    Saz39 the one I have seen gives you fake money and they did suggest that you could perhaps buy gifts for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize that could be awarded at the end of the night!
  • keywongkeywong Posts: 72
    I am having the whole "gambling" theme for my wedding cos my H2B and I met when we were at University, each representing our own Uni in a cards tournament! haha. Everyone knows we love to gamble (for fun!!). So that is why we've stuck to this theme. So to answer your question, no I dont think casino table is naff. You don't want your wedding to be "just another wedding"! You want people to have fun and remember the day. I am not having a casino table though, it's out of my budget. =(
  • mrsmcandiemrsmcandie Posts: 39
    We went to a wedding where they had black jack table and something else and it was great fun! We are still considering it for our wedding but slightly concerned that all the boys will be gambling while the girls are dancing! Prizes are a good idea too.
  • We went to a wedding where hey had a roulette table and blackjack table and it went down a treat. It didnt seem to influence anyone into not dancing and al enjoyed it so I say go for it (particularly if it means something to you both) 

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