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Just booked for cuba feb 08

Hi everyone,

I've just booked our wedding in cuba on feb 08, just wondering if anyone else is going there for their big day, i'm soooo excited!!!!!!!!!

Jo ximage


  • Shelley06ukShelley06uk Posts: 2,474


    Congratulations!! We aren't going to Cuba - its beautiful though!! We are booking to go to the Bahamas in 2008 and I can't wait!!!

    Have you decided on your dress yet? I am looking for some inspiration for a hot sunny climate.

    I saw some nice ones here:

    Shelley xxxxxxxx
  • Hi

    What a fantastic place to get married.

    We did look into getting married there but there were family members who couldn't afford to go but i really wanted there on my big day.We decided in the end to have our honeymoon there in May.

    Where abouts are you getting married?

    Our honeymoon is on Cayo Guillermo.My h2b parents have been to Cayo Coco twice and they said its beautiful and say you must do the speedboat trip through the mangroves and the dolphin swim.

  • jobabyukjobabyuk Posts: 366
    Hi shelly,

    That was my second chioce...

    I've been trying to find this dress called Nelly in the maggie sottero range but nowhere has it stock yet, i will find it if it kills me i'll def have a look at storm tho, what date are you getting married?

    Jo xxxx
  • jobabyukjobabyuk Posts: 366
    hi mrs smith 2b,

    that's where we're getting married, at the melia cayo guillermo, i'm so excited, do your inlaws 2b know what it's like there?

    yeah we're gonna take our little girl to swim with dolphins!!!

    Where's your honeymoon?

    Jo xxxx
  • Our honeymoon is at the Sol Cayo Guillermo, the Melia was our second choice.

    Our in laws stayed at the Melia Cayo Coco which is owned by the same chain but another island, they went to Guillermo for a day trip and said the beaches were much nicer than Cayo Coco.

    All the reviews for the Sol say its fantastic so im sure you will have a fantastic time.

    Did you know that Cayo Guillermo aparently has the second largest coral reef in the world?

  • jobabyukjobabyuk Posts: 366
    yes i did, i've read up loads, yeah we nearly booked at sol but my friends a travel agent n she had alook around the island and recommended melia, she actualy got married in sept this year at the sol palmeras in varedaro, she said the sols are really lovely. i don't think there fare away from each other are they, what swayed you to sol?

    Jo x
  • Don't know what made us decide on the Sol, we done loads of research and and they are both pretty much the same.

    I think the fact that the inlaws had stayed at the Sol in Coco probally was the deciding factor.

    Also another thing that helped us decide was the cost, the Sol Cayo Guillermo was almost £500 cheaper than the Melia..... that leaves £500 more for accessories!!!
  • jobabyukjobabyuk Posts: 366
    Yeah all helps but so does having a friend who works for thomas cook, she gave us her discount so we got near 300 knocked off....

    I can't wait!!!

    Are you all ready for yours now, have you got your dress?
  • Yep dress is ready for fitting but i am trying to wait until after christmas before i go in because they want the balance paid, its been very hard trying to keep away.

    We are all ready, everything booked and ready to go but still have 148 days to go! I can't wait, its been a tough year and i need something good to happen to us for a change.

    The Maggie Sottero dress you like is lovely and will be just the thing for Cubas hot weather.

    How are your plans going, or is it too soon to think about it?


  • jobabyukjobabyuk Posts: 366
    it's never to early is it, just sorting reception out, we know where it's taking place but have to book it...

    got to go trying on dresses on 6th jan so hopefully my dress will be there by then, i've requested it as it's a maggie sorreto weekend

  • Ciao ladies, I looked on that website you posted, the dresses look beautiful. Congratulations!!!! Cuba and Bahamas are both stunning.

    There is a few dresses by Essense, their new collection, I looked at, they do traditional stuff, but fantastico beach dresses. Check them out. Byee8\)

  • jobabyukjobabyuk Posts: 366
    Hi Lucia ,

    Thanks so much for that, any info helps at this stage, lol the problem is there's too much of everything about getting married to choose from lol,

    Where are you getting married?

  • Shelley06ukShelley06uk Posts: 2,474

    We are looking at March 2008. We want to go when the kids are on easter holidays so it will be easier for my mum to cope with my 2 year old son! If my 13 year old daughter is there it will make the work lighter for my mum!

    I am really excited already. It seems like so far off but after new year we will be able to say its 'next year'!!

    That Maggie dress is gorgeous. I had thought about one of her dresses and my local bridal shop said they do a thing where you pay £30 and they send the sample dress to your local shop and if you decide to buy it you get the £30 deducted off the price. The money covers the postage costs to courier the dress so you can see it.

  • jobabyukjobabyuk Posts: 366


  • Ciao Jo,

    No problemo!!

    I just looked at the Maggie Sottero dress, it looks beautiful, really really does, good luck trying with finding it.

    My wedding is in Sicily, thats where I'm from.

    (Easier to go back there & do it - Cheapier too!!!)

    But, I must say, reading all this stuff about Cuba, it makes me think again, but its too late now, we have paid the deposit now :\?

    All the best

    Lucia x:\)

    P.S. TO SHELLY - I agree, you have great young looks, I never would think you have 13 years old son, and I'm a therapist, so that is coming from a professional!!! Whatever yu do, keep doing it!!!! x
  • Hi,

    Im new :\) Im getting married in Melia Cayo Guillermo in October 2007! Im getting so excited and looking forward to going.

    Sarah x
  • jobabyukjobabyuk Posts: 366
    Hi Sarah,

    I'm so excited now, have you been there before, and what made you choose the melia, it's so good to hear someone else is getting married there too, and your getting married before me so you can let me know how it all goes. are you all organised?

    Jo x
  • The pictures on review sites blew me away. We have been to Cuba before and my brother got married in Brisas Guardalavaca which was lovely but wanted something different to him.

    Well we are now going with thomas cook after having trouble with first choice!! We are now flying first class or thomas cooks version of it. There are 15 of us going.

    I get married on the 23rd of October at 4 so just before it gets to dusk!!

    I have booked my wedding reception and bought a few little bits I also bought my bridesmaids dresses from Asda wedding collections at a bargain price of £15 a dress!! Other than that not a lot else lol I have started looking at dresses but I want something really different so being quite a bridezilla about it.

    Who are you going with and what have you got sorted?? Have you decided wich location you will get married in??

    Sarah x
  • jobabyukjobabyuk Posts: 366
    Sounds lovely Sarah....

    We're with thomas Cook too, what happened with first choice?? my friend works at thomas cook so we got it through her.

    Not got as far as knowing which location as of yet, what about you. Thats such a nice idea, getting married just before dusk, i never thought of that!!!

    Have you no ideas about the dress yet?

    Just going with mainly friends as both our parents a getting on and would find it hard to cope with the flight and the heat, but we're having a huge reception when we get back home, just don't know where yet lol,

    what locations are there, give me everything you know upto now lol xx
  • We booked through a friend of thomas cook to he got us a massive diecount for our group!

    When we booked with first choice the winter summer brochure wasnt out so the booked the last dates in october and agreed to move the dates free of charge obviously didnt want to loose a lot of money well when the brochure came out those dates were never available so told us to change our dates or loose the money very long story lol so they have now got 3 more days to get me my money back or which legal tem are going to take it to county court!!!!!

    Any way there is a choice between the gazebo, the beach or the gardens but when I was in the travel agent the women who works there got married on the long pier. Have you seen the photos on trip advisor? They are breath taking! I think we have decided on the gazebo as it sits in the lagoon and looks gorgeous lit up. Might change my mind when i get there.

    I am going to pay for the wedding dvd and photos. I am also going to pay to have my hair done but will have it done in plenty of time as Im not sure how good they are also my friend has trained as a hairdresser (my bridesmaid) so if its pants she can sort it image

    We plan on playing the dvd before we arrive at the wedding reception so everyone can see us get wed!

    I have an idea on a dress but I get a lot of screwed up faces when I mention it lol I want black and Ivory dont know why just really takes my fancy.

    Sarah x
  • jobabyukjobabyuk Posts: 366
    yeah saw the long pier and think it will be the gazebo for us too, looks more private... my friend got married in varedero in sept, she had her hair and make up done and it was lovely i'm sure yours will be great too, i'm having mine done by them too so you will def have to let me know.

    we have the same idea for our reception, at least those that couldn't make it will still have chance to see it.

    The dress sounds nice, and you need to remember it's your day so what you want you should go for.

    Sounds like first chioce best get their fingers out hey,

    I have a 2 yr old little girl so she's gonna be my flower girl, i'm more excited at seeing her at the mo....

    Can't wait to try the dress on tho!!!!

    Jo x
  • It seems like ages ago we started talking about it now there is less than a year to go. I cant wait!

    Ah Im sure your little girl will look lovely. I have a little boy who will have just turned three before we go Im thinking of having him involved in some way. We are having his outfit made as I looked this year for something but couldnt find anything I was to keen on.

    I know its a while away but I will have to make sure I take plenty of photos etc and I will get lots of info for you while I am out there for you to look at. I wish someone was doing it before me lol!

    sarah x
  • jobabyukjobabyuk Posts: 366
    oh thats so nice of you....

    At least i won't be going into the unknown then.

    Yeah our children are the same age, Elliyahs 3 20/09/07, that gone so fast so i'm sure the wedding will soon creep up too... i think it's nice to have them involved because they're at an age where they will remember it.

    By the way the second dress is beautiful, you should stick with your decision....

    what colours have you chose for flowers and bridesmaids ?

    Jo x
  • My bridesmaids dresses are a pale turquoise green colour strapless and gently flare out at the waste with a darker colour ribbon just above the waste. They are similar to a 50's style dresses. As for flowers I wont know until I get there I would like a very tropical arrangement but it depends what flowers are in season while we are there! Have you had any thoughts etc on colours? Oh and by the way Merry Christmas image

    Sarah x
  • jobabyukjobabyuk Posts: 366





    JO Ximage
  • I am in the process of making invites for my reception!! Starting the cambridge diet in a couple of weeks so Im going to start trying on dresses in April time. I have also ordered my wedding favours. OMG it seems very real now!! My little boys outfit has also arrived he is wearing linen cut off trs and short sleeved shirt, its very cute!! In fact it feels like I have done loads now I have written it all down.

    Sarah x
  • jobabyukjobabyuk Posts: 366
    Hi Sarah,

    your soooo organised. I'm gonna leave my little girls outfit til close to date as she's growing so fast it's unreal, she had open heart surgery in feb 06 and since then she's just sprouted up lol.

    Your little boys outfit sounds so cute!!!!

    I've just had some save the date cards made with cuba details on. I'm just in the process of finding a place for the reception. whats the cambridge diet all about then Sarah? Thought of you the other day as i saw this gorgeous white and black Maggie Sottero dress, have you decided if your gonna go down that road yet?

    Jo x
  • burcaffburcaff Posts: 386
    I'm getting married at the melia cayo coco in May this yr.......

    lovely to meet so many other cuban brides to be.

    Am a bit worried about the internet rumours that Fidel will die shortly...........We're worried that it will send the country into mass mourning & may create bit of political tension with USA..............very selfish of me I know, but I don't want it to spoil my dream wedding in a dream location !!

    Emma Xxxxxxxxxxx
  • jobabyukjobabyuk Posts: 366
    Hi Emma,

    You got me thinking now!!!

    Are you all ready then?

    Jo x

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