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My mum has chosen her outfit but I am a little concerned as its the same colour as our bridesmaid dresses! She did tell me that she would change it if I wanted her to, but I dont want to offend her.

Is this ok for her to have the same colour?? Be honest pls...

Thanks xx


  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    personally i don't see a problem at all...but then i'm not one to get too tied up over things like that. she will fit into the bridal party at least!
  • MrsRammy2BMrsRammy2B Posts: 2,258
    I asked my mum to try and coordinate with the bridesmaids as it'll look nice in the photos and she is such a big part of the day that it kind of ties her into it all. xx
  • SerahukSerahuk Posts: 1,687
    I don't think it's a problem, I think it's a lovely idea- I've seen some gorgeous pictures where the mother of the bride, MIL and bridesmaids are all in the same colour!

    I would have loved my mum to fit in with my pink bridesmaids, however she's wearing deep purple! lol
  • candylove13candylove13 Posts: 132
    I think it might look lovely on the photographs, at least it wont be a mishmass of loads of colours. I would say go with it,but if it does make you feel uncomfortable maybe you should have a quiet word. Although I cant see it being a problem even if it was a surprise.

    My moms just lost quite a bit of weight recently, so have offered to take her out shopping to find her outfit. She wasnt too keen on the idea of a wedding at first, but now she cant waitand come round to h2b. I think its nice to have her involved in the planning and on the day.
  • babyx1uk3babyx1uk3 Posts: 494
    lol its so funny how different ppl how different ideas i actually wanted my mum to be in the same colour so she will co-ordinate better! lol i wouldnt worry, i think she will look fine and like i said before it looks better if bridesmaids and mother of the bride/in law match. x
  • jojoPMjojoPM Posts: 825
    I have a similar problem, my mum's dress is a similar style as the BMs but different colour - would this look odd?
  • KarooneyKarooney Posts: 71
    Isn't it tradition that the mum wears the same colour as the bridesmaids. My mum will hopefully be wearing the same colour as the bridesmaids somewhere in her outfit, she is giving me away so I want her to be coordinated.
  • sherd3sherd3 Posts: 303
    my mum is looking for a similar colour outfit to my BM dresses - i think it's great to co-ordinate colours! I wouldn't ask her to change it x
  • JenniemumJenniemum Posts: 30
    It took my mum ages to decide what she was going to wear at my wedding. she thought it would be better to wait and see if something 'jumps out at her', turns out that the onlt outfit she has been jumped on by is an ivory suit with a dusky pink top. i think it will look really nice as my little bridesmaids and i are wearing ivory dresses (mine also has deep red in it) and my MOH is in deep red. oh and my mum is giving me away, so she will look lovely stood at the front of the church with me.
  • clairezee77clairezee77 Posts: 177
    My mum wants the same colour as sash in the BM's dresses which I think is fine as it'll tie her in with it. However our best man's wfe (who is the future SIL) has aready bought her outfit which is olive green as we were having green and my mum originally wanted green too but when she bought her outfit I changed the colour scheme as she annoyed me! NOW the SIL is telling me she wants the same colour as my mum as she's seen somethin in that colour - and I'm furious!!! I don't know what to say to her, I've stressed to her that my mum really wants the colour but it seems to go over her head! She's so annoying!! Any suggestions????????????
  • sommeruksommeruk Posts: 172
    Ideally I would have liked my mum to blend in with the wedding party. My gown is warm ivory/champagne, the bridesmaids are wearing sage green and the grooms party will be wearing champagne/mocha waistcoats and cravats. I got a text from my mum at the weekend to say she has bought her wedding outfit and that it is turquoise and white, with a hint of beige! I really cannot picture it and I'm a bit concerned that it is going to clash with the bridal party or be a bit too much if you know what I mean. Thw hite would certainly clash against my antiquey looking gown.I couldn't possibly ask her to change it though as she has had a nightmare finding something as she is a size 26. MIL2B is pleased my mum isn't wearing green as she is keen to wear that colour herself. I mentioned this is passing to my mum and she got all worked up saying that her outfit is more important than mil2b and that she should be able to choose first blah blah blah.....why is she arguing with me about it when she has already sorted her outfit?!? You just can't win!!!
  • wright_joannawright_joanna Posts: 123
    My Mum's first outfit was ivory/cream... the colour was so similar to my dress that I asked her to bring the jacket to my dress fitting which confirmed my nightmare that it's exactly the same colour as mine. It's caused huge amounts of upset and many arguments between Mum and I.

    We went looking for something else and she now has a pale pink outfit although it's a lovely colour, the fabric is crinkled linen (it's not the fabric type I was expecting Mum to go for).

    The top to the new outfit (not the crinkled linen fabric) does seem to work with the original outfit which I feel does look more elegant so I'm nearly back at the point to say to Mum where the original one with the different top to inject a very subtle hint of pink. I should say her accessories are mink (slight pink tinge/taupe colour) and her corsage is a pink coloured Singapore orchid.

    Any options, would be very much welcomed so the final 2 weeks towards my wedding don't give me any more stress!!
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