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MOTB outfit websites??

Hiya Ladies,

Me and my mum are COMPLETELY stumped as to where to start with her outfit... :\?

Have any of you found any good websites with outfit ideas?

We're in SouthWest (Nr Bath/Salisbury etc)....

My colour theme is Dark Green(Hunter green) and Gold.... so what sort of colours do u think mum should look for or what should she avoid? Am thinking neutral maybe warmish colours like cream/beige/caramels/browns??

Any ideas/suggestions would be great!!


Curly xxxx


  • wright_joannawright_joanna Posts: 123
    Hi Curly,

    I guess it depends on budget and what your Mum's dress style is normally like and what she'll feel comfortable in.

    A couple of websites to try: (They've shop in Westbourne, near Bournemouth; great choice and very helpful. I visited them over the weekend and found a couple of other shops nearby, even a great accessories shop).

    Both of these have designers so can help with inspiration gathering etc...

    If not do a google search for MOTB outfits, some bridal shops also cater for Mums.

    Also, have a look at shops on the high street; Phase Eight, Episode, Hobbs etc

    I think there's several views as to what colours Mums or MiL2B should wear. I've friends who's Mums have chosen colours to complement the bridesmaids which has always looked lovely.

    Your Mum could have a gold and cream outfit or a pale green. Accessories also make an outfit, does your Mum want to wear a hat, fascinator?

    When's your wedding?

    Good luck in your search.

  • CurlyB2BCurlyB2B Posts: 1,016

    Thanx for those links...i'll have a look at them in a mo.. and Bournemouths not too far for us either!

    Our wedding is not til next March (28th) but want to try and get her outfit while its spring/summer lines in the shop...leave it too late and we might not have so many options???

    Budget-wise ..mum doesn't want to spend a ridiculous amount..but I can easily persuade her !!

    I think a fascinator rather than a hat as she's not really a hat person... I can't wait to take her shopping and get her something really nice and glam! xxx
  • ana_leighukana_leighuk Posts: 474
    hi Curly b2b-i don't have any suggestions for shops, sorry, but my colour scheme is emerald green and gold, and my mum's outfit is 'sea mist' a light green. depending on what colour your dress is, if she goes for neutral colours she might not stand out so much in the pictures when shes stood next to you

    good luck
  • CurlyB2BCurlyB2B Posts: 1,016
    Ooh thanx, My dress is Ivory with Hunter green accents...

    Sea Mist sounds a lovely colour.. I think we'll just have to go shopping with a completely open mind and try to visualise how it'll look against me and the bridesmaids! xx
  • sirsuksirsuk Posts: 2,478
    Hi girls,

    My colour scheme is ivory, gold and jade green. My mum is having a two piece made by the owner of my wedding shop. It's a long dress with a short jacket and she's had her shoes and bag dyed to match.

    She's wearing a cream fascinator, and her corsage will be cream flowers which she's having on her bag rather then pinning it to her outfit. She is also wearing pearls.

    Never seen mum dressed up like this before. Never wears dresses or skirts. Always in jeans. Never worn a hat in her life but said as she's mother of the bride she'll make an effort

    Hehe, thanks mum. Can't wait. Don't think dad can either !!image

    Forgot to say that the outfit is like a coffee colour. I agree, 'sea mist' sounds lovely

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  • CurlyB2BCurlyB2B Posts: 1,016
    Awww thats the same as my mum... never see her in anything other than jeans or black trousers really..

    Can't wait to see her all ladylike! Mind you spect she is saying the same about me!

    Coffee colour outfit sounds lovely, I think my mum will prob pin her corsage onto her bag she she's worried about it pulling her lapel down otherwise.

    Sounds lovely Sirs, when's your wedding? xx
  • sirsuksirsuk Posts: 2,478
    Yes, depending on how many flowers etc,. thats in the corsage by the time everything has been tied together it can be fairly heavy and drag down your blouse or lapel or whatever.

    I 'm getting married on Fri 22nd Aug (bank holiday Friday) not too long now image


  • wright_joannawright_joanna Posts: 123
    Don't worry too much about the corsage; my florist isn't using pins for Mum's/MiL2B's corsage but magnets which holds the corsage in place without damaging the fabric or look of their outfit.

    If you do go to Bournemouth/Westbourne, other shops near to Fab Frocks are Marias, and some others in the arcade shopping area. Walk to the end and turn left and the accessories shop with hats, jewellery, bags etc is there... quite small but fantastic selection.

    Have fun. Unfortunately my Mum went without me and her outfit has caused great upset.
  • CurlyB2BCurlyB2B Posts: 1,016
    Oh no! really? why, did she not make a good choice?

    Magnets sounds a clever idea! no holes left in the collar that way...Thanx for all the info on Bournemouth too! x
  • wright_joannawright_joanna Posts: 123
    Mum chose a plain (no pattern) ivory 3-piece which on the face of it is very elegant although is the same colour as my dress and in places the same fabric!! She didn't see the problem but like the style of the outfit and knew she could wear it again!!

    We've a second outfit now albeit perhaps not quite as elegant... crushed linen in pale pink.
  • imz15imz15 Posts: 163
    Can I ask where everyone's mum's have got their outfits and what sort of prices they were? Having real problems with my mum.

    Loving the magnet idea for corsages though!!
  • wright_joannawright_joanna Posts: 123
    Mum got her first one at Amanda Grahams in Guildford. Second outfit from Arabellas in Chichester. Average price for both £400.
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