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Does anyone know anything about rosacea?

clujucluju Posts: 2,843

I've had red cheeks with raised bumps for a couple months. I've also had a couple of spots so I just thought all the stress lately'll brought me out in spots. None of the stuff in boots seems to make any difference (though I'm not that good at applying them religously). It seems to be ever so slightly beter these last couple of days which did make me wonder if it's connected to my psoriasis and the sun was helping, or if it's wishful thinking. Though this morning someone at work asked if I had rosacea and looking it up I don't seem to have any other symptons other than blushing frequently and I've done that all my life, plus I'm only 25.

Can I be unlucky enough to have 2 different skin conditions?

Do you think it's worth talking to our practice nurse when i go for travel vaccinations next week?

Oh I get married in 50 days hence my keenness to get rid of them.


  • lilmissbridelilmissbride Posts: 502
    Hi cluju, I don't know a great deal about rosacea but just wanted to say if it turns out you do have it Boots Number 7 have this green liquite base that you put under your foundation and it tones down the red, my mum has rosacea and she finds it really helps reduce the appearance!

    I think you should definitely talk to the nurse while you're there. Fingers crossed it is not rosacea, esp as you already have psoriasis, I sugger with psoriasis too and it's horrible isn't it? I can't wait to get out in that sun this weekend to clear it up a bit! x x x
  • lilmissbridelilmissbride Posts: 502
    Sorry, supposed to say Liqiud base not liquite! I'm at work so trying to type messages quickly! And I suffer with psoriasis too not sugger! Thank god it's Friday ey?!
  • clujucluju Posts: 2,843
    thanks lilmissbride, I'll definitely look into that I might need it.

    I too intend to spend time this weekend sunbathing, well taking the laptop into the garden, to try to clear up my psorisis patches, though I guess if it is rosacea it'll make that worse. the thing that really annoys me with psoriasis is the way people look at you as if you've got the plague.
  • lilmissbridelilmissbride Posts: 502
    I've only had it a year last christmas. I had a strep b or c (get confused which is the common on and which is the rarer) and had guttate psoriasis as a result. I was really badly covered from head to toe, esp on my feet and shoes used to irritate it so often wore flip flops and yes i experienced the look. I had a course of PUVA which cleared it on my body (not my feet) vut as soon as I stopped PUVA I started getting it again. I recently had a 3 month stint on cyclosporin which cleared my 100% in 3 weeks and it hasn't come back as bad. I have patches on my elbow, which as I can't see I'm not worried about, a few spots on my ankle and one little spot on each of my knees! Hoping sun will clear it in time for the wedding in August, I don't want to go back on cyclosporin as we intend on trying for a baby on honeymoon and with cyclosporin you have to wait 3 months after you finish your course before trying. Do you have it quite badly then? Have you ever tried PUVA or cyclosporin? x x
  • clujucluju Posts: 2,843
    I have no idea what trigered it but I spent years using non-steroidal anit inflamitories so that might be it, I've had it for 3 years now. I use a combination of dovonex and dovobet, ones stonger than the other but you can only use it for a few weeks at time as it thins the skin

    I used to have a large patch on the back of my calf which I have finally managed to get rid of (I hope) I spent ages thinking it was gone but as soon as I stopped treating it it came back again. I've currently got a couple of small patches on my upper arms though they are now less noticable more just red than scaly I just hope the sun (and ointment) gets rid of them before they can flare up. I got patches on my ears but noone ever notices them apart from when I sit here scratching. My worst patches are not noticable to anyone and are small, but they're on my groin and bum and the skin keeps cracking which makes sitting down quite painful. I've not heard of PUVA, and put off trying cyclosporin to see if any topical treatments worked first.

    my h2b's has it too though he's not had an outbreak all the time I've had it, though his dad's legs are practically covered and have been for ages but he's decided not to really worry about it putting the ointment on gets rid of the itch and he has the philosophy that people can stare if they like he's not going to worry about it. He says it almost gets better every summer when he's out in shorts but it comes back in the winter. Both kinda make me feel better about mine firstly I could have it so much worse and secondly I can get rid of the outbreaks. It depends on my mood which I focus on.
  • lilmissbridelilmissbride Posts: 502
    O bless you, sounds v uncomfortable. I was lucky in the way that I didn't have it on areas where the skin would crack and casue pain, although at my worst most of it was on display!

    PUVA is quite an extreme measure as I had it so badly when it first started. You take 2 tablets which sensitise you to UVA and then 2 hours later you go in this sun bed type of thing. The treatment is twice a week for about 10 weeks. It cleared it but it came back. If you are able to control it with dovobet then i wouldn't go on the cyclosporin as it is sooo strong and have to have wekly blood tests to check kidey function which is quite scary but mine was so bad that dovobet didn't touch it, however thankfully it has only returned a little bit so i can get away with just dovobet now and occasionaly I have to use cocais for my scalp. I am seeing my dermatologist in 2 weeks though and I am going to ask him to presrcibe me cyclosporin just in case I have a bad break out, chances are I won't but it is my biggest fear about the wedding! At least if I have it and the worst does happen then I can start taking it 2-3 weeks before the wedding and know I will be clear, will just mean waiting a bit longer before we TTC!!!

    Best of of luck with the nurse, I hope it isn't rosacea x
  • clujucluju Posts: 2,843
    Good luck with it hopefully we'll get some nice weather and you won't get a break out. I'm not so worried about the psoriasis now but I dreading having red spotty cheeks particularly for the photos. But I guess getting stressed about it won't help
  • Mira3Mira3 Posts: 3

    I started having breakouts of rosacea a few months ago, but when I use Foderma serum a few times a week, my face clears up. I think it works really well. It's easy to use and doesn't smell bad or anything. I recommend it for anyone with skin problems.

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