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I have just bought my wedding dress, but was amazed by the thousands of different designs. I found my perfect dress in the pronuptia range because it was soooo me and just wondered what everyone else had picked and why you made the choice??


  • Great question! I got my dress off Ebay at a bargain price - and it's fantastic! I am a big fan of Ian Stuart and desperately wanted the Donatella dress from his Strawplay collection - sadly i would have had to have taken out a second mortgage or taken to streetwalking to afford it. Then i saw my dress on Ebay - it too is an Ian Stuart but i've never seen anything like it and just like yours, it's SOOOO me!! White denim fishtail with puddle train! With stars and rhinestones sprinkled over it! It even had belt loops and back pockets - and a matching cropped white denim jacket! I wanted something unusual and not at all traditional - and i think i found it!
  • cheryl654cheryl654 Posts: 366
    I went for a Couture dress so it is a one off and really unusual. I am not a traditional wedding dress sort of a girl and went for unusual design which is very bling due to the button holes on the basque being made by a ring of diamante crystals! The top is also overlaid with ruffled toule ribbon in messy sort of style. It is palest pink as I am getting on far too much to do the white/ivory virgin bride look and has an elegant straight skirt with mini puddle train. I can't do meringes either!

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  • sciallensciallen Posts: 246
    Hi bride2b, Iv recently orderd my dress and how exciting is it!!!!!! Origionally i fell in love with an Ian Stuart design (Lucia), although i dont do lace!!!!!(and this had lots of lace on it). However, i then came across a Justin Alexander design very similar but without any lace!!!!!! Yeay!!!! I had said to my mum that i wanted a dress that was a bit different, with taffeta silk, tulle and dimante's and this dress has them all, it definately ticks all my boxes!! it was the first (and only) one iv tried on and i love it, a big weight off my mind, i thought id be at it for ever!!!! x
  • I've ordered a Helen Marina dress called Sky but have changed a lot of the outfit. I fell in love with the bodice, which was just the kind of thing I would usually like, although I didn't like the lace up back so they are putting in buttons for me instead. The skirt was very large with bustles and flowers, not really very me. I've ordered a different skirt that's very simple, a very slightly a line design with a small train. Not only is the whole outfit very much my style now but I also like the thought of it being created for me at an off the peg price!
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    hey bride2b. i've never subscribed to the 'corseted meringue' look & was desperately tired of attending 'traditional weddings' where everything was predicatable, from the 5 sugared almonds (no thanks!) to the same styles of dresses.

    my dress is from the 2006 jenny packham collection & it's called papillon ( & it's stunning, stylish & i doubt i'll attend a wedding in the near future where the dress is anything like this. i like long, column dresses & when i first saw it in 'you & your wedding' i knew i had to source it. i knew it was the one when i tried it on as i had tears in my eyes & couldn't bear to take it off & get back in my jeans!
  • sciallensciallen Posts: 246
    Hey petra, know what you mean about not wanting to take the dress off!!!! When i tried mine on i didnt take it off for an hour!!!!!! i kept finding excuses to keep it on for a bit longer he he he..... Isnt it a fantastic feeling when you know you've found "the one"!!!!!! mine is traditional but with a difference!!!! it ticks all my boxes (bit different, taffeta silk, tulle and diamantes). when is your big day?

  • petraukpetrauk Posts: 143
    we get married 21st july 2007. so how smugly monica do i feel to know that we've bought the dress, the 2 bridesmaid's dresses, booked the venue & booked the photographer? also relieved, i have to say - i live in cheshire & demand for saturdays in the summer months is on the rise. flower consultation next, with a friend who is a florist. what about you? x
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  • CarolUKCarolUK Posts: 108
    Beanie, would it be possible to hire the Demetrios dress for the day? Not the same, I know, as owning it but could be a lot cheaper way. The cream dress you have bought can be kept as an evening/party dress.
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    beanie have a look on weddingdress online its american company thats where i ve got mine from came really fast and the dress is lovely and a lot less
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  • blossom25blossom25 Posts: 3,070
    I bought my dress last week and it is such a wonderful feeling! Totally in love with it. It's one of the Hollywood dreams dresses made from white thai silk with scalloped train and boned corset. Lots of swarkovski crystals on very top and around hem with scattered ones on skirt. I am in love again!!image I wasn't intending on spending quite so much and didn't think I wanted such a large skirt but it really does suit me. Felt like it had always been mine. xx
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