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Need green theme help

I brought my bridesmaids their dresses couple of weeks ago and they are stunning. But I'm having a problem looking for accessories in the right green, such as favours, ribbons etc etc etc.

The dresses are 50's style and are called "jade" green. Its very hard to describe but it like a turquoise but much deeper or like an emerald green!!!! They are quite bluey/green. I have looked on a few websites such as Confetti and no-one seems to think that some girls might like to have a different colour for their wedding!! I don't want to change the dresses as I love them too much! Depending on what dress I get, the other colour will be ivory or that golden sandy colour that some dresses are these days.

Please help as I wouldn't mind some colour injection at the reception!!

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  • loobylou212loobylou212 Posts: 18
    hiya, have you tried looking on e bay? iv also got green dresses, quite light though and found some great insperation from balloons. maybe if you go for a white dress you could and a colour just to highlight pink or purple look quite good purple would look good with the blue in the green?!
  • HarrietPenguinHarrietPenguin Posts: 5,848
    We had a similar problem - chose bridesmaids dresses in a deep purple thinking it'd be a good colour to match to but it seems it's not so easy. Flowers and materials for H2B's suit have been difficult. We chose an accent colour of lilac (as I'm in ivory) and have been able to match much more to that. It's also nice as we're having a summer wedding and the lilac lifts it all and makes it more summery.

    I would suggest choosing a third colour so that when you can't match to the green you can match to the other. Maybe a nice light minty green or a bright barbie pink...
  • Why don't you make your own...or...choose a complementing colour.

    I wouldn't get too hung up on a colour scheme: wouldn't it be a bit scary if everything was in the same green?!image
  • ego22ego22 Posts: 171
    I've been looking for a particular dusky pink shade that I'd really like for my theme (not that I've even found the bm dresses yet!), and having similar problems as 'pink' seems to mean baby pink or hot pink on places like confetti etc.

    Ribbon shouldn't be a problem to find as haberdashery suppliers do it in vast ranges of colours - try for one online example but there are other sites, including e-bay, who will be useful for this. For favours and other more elaborate things - I'd go for sourcing the materials in the same way as the ribbon and making up yourself, but depending on what you want and look as though they will basically do that for you in whatever colour you ask them to match. I'm sure there are lots of other small businesses out there on the internet, e-bay etc. who will do the same and have access to the necessary suppliers to get the right shades.
  • HopefulmummyHopefulmummy Posts: 187
    Thanks girlies!! I like the idea of having a third colour like mint green or baby pink, might do that. Also will be looking around in haberdashery places too, see if I can make my own. At least that way, I can also match them up to my DIY stationary.
  • rachelmukrachelmuk Posts: 22 do a range of stationery and favours in their satin bow range in Jade green (also do dusky Pink lizzie)

    Hope this helps
  • HopefulmummyHopefulmummy Posts: 187
    Ooh thanks, that sounds good, will have a look at that now!
  • my girls are in a pale apple/mint green and im in ivory so we have chosen to have the ivory and green on everything but with baby pink in all the flowers, hint of pink on the invites... we are all having baby pink shoes etc etc. makes it a bit more fun! x
  • HopefulmummyHopefulmummy Posts: 187
    Ooh that sounds nice!! Yet another person who has got me on mint green and/or pale pink!! I've got to decide now!! I got a swatch of my dress sent through post this morning so that will help me make up my mind more. I can't believe how much in love with this tiny piece of material I am!! My man has no idea what is up with me today!!
  • jackiebukjackiebuk Posts: 50
    Sammy - can you let me know where you got the bridesmaid dresses from ?

    I fancy having that olour as well. I was thinking of combining with lots of white. I don't know if you saw in last weeks Hello Magazine but I would like to have the same combinations as Tamzin Outhwaites wedding. Her bridesmaids were in gorgeous aquamarine green dresses from Ellie Saab which is a little out of my price range !
  • HopefulmummyHopefulmummy Posts: 187
    We got the dresses from House of Fraser on Oxford Street. They are upstairs in the bridesmaid/eveningwear department just by the bridal wear. I can't think of the name of the designer, I'll call my sis 2moro to ask her (she's looking after them at her house!) and will post the name on here asap. They cost £130 but I think House of Fraser may be doing a sale at some point soon. I brought them on a H of F card, cos if they have a sale in the next 100 days after you bought them, they will refund that difference, so now the dresses got 10% off a few weeks ago!!

    Yes I saw that Hello mag - brought it just because of the wedding!!!! Wasn't it gorgeous?? The dresses I have are not that green but would look just as nice with white, or perhaps with ivory?

    I'm still trying to decide on what colour to have with the green dresses and my champagne gold dress!!
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