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when is the best time to start looking at buying the wedding rings?

Obviously they are going to have to be made to order etc so how many months weeks etc before hand is the best idea?

We are getting married in April 09 so when would you suggest we start to look? I have no idea where to get the ring from hadnt really even though about it! maybe we should start looking!

something else to get REALLY excited about!!!! image xxx


  • sharplesuksharplesuk Posts: 857
    We get married in September and we started looking at rings towards the end of last year. I actually ordered my ring back in Oct / Nov time and it was delivered in Jan and we bought H2B's ring from Tiffany's in NYC over Christmas.

    Happy hunting! I found searching for wedding rings totally overwhelming, but exciting at the same time.

  • claireclairedclaireclaired Posts: 233
    The price of platinium is going up rapidly at the moment, meaning the price of gold is too, our jewellers advised us to buy as soon as possible and just put a deposit down to secure the price.

    Good luck
  • TABSukTABSuk Posts: 1,479
    the price is going up and fast! H2B's ring went up £900 from one Sat to the other (we're lucky they honoured most of it so only had to pay £100 extra).

    We got ours about 3 months before, mine was from Tiffany's so they have the majority in stock there and then. H2B's took 8 wks to come in

  • Hi, I think anytime is good to get an idea as it can take longer than you think to pick the right one, especially when you have to make sure it fits your engagement ring.

    The other girls are right the price of platinum and gold is on the up. H2B picked a palladium wedding ring - which the jeweller thinks is set to double if not tripple in price once its hall marked. At the moment it is selling at a very reasonable price simply due to the fact that it hasn't been hall marked, so hope we have made a good investment there in the next yr or so!

    Goodluck, happy ring shopping ;\)
  • legalbeagleuklegalbeagleuk Posts: 708
    I'm getting married in December and we have just ordered our rings (as you can tell from my other post). Platinum is definately increasing in price. Try on lots of different styles. What I picked was totally different to what I initially thought I wanted.
  • CSWBCSWB Posts: 732
    We get married march 2009 (the 14th) and we're going next saturday!! yay!!! But that's just to get an idea of what i want..mind you, i BET i order mine ha ha! xx
  • sarahmike79sarahmike79 Posts: 1,866
    Right! well i think i better get shopping around! i want it to be perfect!!! image its so exciting! xxx
  • CSWBCSWB Posts: 732
    I agree! Keep me updated xx
  • pricklesukpricklesuk Posts: 48
    Yes I agree prices are on the up. We're also getting married in December and my wedding band has been designed and made by the same person who created my engagement ring but there is a six month gap between finalising and delivery.
  • sarahmike79sarahmike79 Posts: 1,866
    ooo im excited! i have no idea what i want or where to get it! any ideas? it has got to be perfect!! like everyone's i suppose! image xx
  • mrsj2008mrsj2008 Posts: 763

    We bought ours a couple of weeks ago. One shop said it would take a couple of weeks, another said 6 weeks. So better to be safe than i'd leave it till 3 months before your wedding (you may change you mind on the style nearer the time) xx

    ps. I wanted a diamond band but when it was placed next to my engagement ring looked really tacky .. too much bling. My engagement ring is very glitzy so I have gone for a plain platinum band which compliments my engagement ring perfectly.

    Believe it or not it took me at least 20 rings to find the perfect plain band - rounded, flat, thick, wide etc, so many decisions xxx
  • gemma_gidleygemma_gidley Posts: 167
    I've had a problem with my wedding ring, so have had to take it back to the jewelers to get it completely replaced. We've still got three months to go but it won't be in for a couple more weeks. If you order a good few months beforehand you'll have time to double check it's ok and the right size etc.

    Mrsj2008 - I tried on loads too. My ring is very simple (or so I thought) but it was hard to find rings that sat well against my band and complimented the cut of the band. It was easiest that then search for my boyfriend's though - we're talking EVERY jeweller (high street and independent) at least twice over!
  • scoopyukscoopyuk Posts: 300
    Hi Princess

    I absolutely love Tiffany! I love the metro and the channel set diamond wedding band. However, my h2b thinks a diamond band next to my engagement ring looks far too bling and OTT and would prefer me to have a plain lucida matching band. However, I think until I start to try them on next to my engagement ring, I guess I won't be able to make the choice!

    Here is their link if you're interested in considering Tiffany:

    There are so many beautiful styles out there and some are very different and unusual rather than a plain band. I know Ungar are quite fabulous if you want something unusual:

    I think there have been some really useful previous posts like this which might be worth taking a look at!

    V.exciting and I haven't even found a venue! image


  • sellgirluksellgirluk Posts: 119
    We collected our rings last week, they took 2 weeks because we were having them engraved with the date inside too - always handy for those H2B who are likely to forget anniversaries!

    I chose my engagement ring in about 15 minutes in the first shop i went into - princess diamond solitare, yellow gold band, done. So, I thought my wedding band would be even easier, I just wanted a plain yellow gold band - i did love the diamond ones, but went for plain for 2 reasons - didn't want to detract from the main bling and, we travel to all sorts of places, wanted to be able to take the rock off and just have a plain band that would not attract attention to it.

    It took a lot longer than i thought - there are about 4 different shapes of band - who knew, and I just couldn't decide which width! So, my advice would be to give yourself time, I felt a bit under pressure - but then, we are getting married in 3 weeks, so did rather leave to the last minute.

    Its a really exiciting thing to go and do together, just the two of you - we topped it off with a good lunch too! Which was also needed because H2B had a panic in the shop when he got a ring stuck on his finger which freaked him out! hee hee!

    Now - just must stop myself sneaking a quick try on of it! Have only done it 3 times so far!!
  • amy82amy82 Posts: 264
    H2B had my engagement ring made, so had to have wedding band made to fit underneath it - this look a lot longer than I thought it would (so that it was the perfect fit), and I had to give up my engagement ring for a few weeks at a time to let the maker work with it rather than a template! This was not what I anticipated, so I'd recommend getting it organised sooner rather than later...

    I wonder how much we saved in terms of the price of platinum, as we agreed to have the wedding rings made in platinum from the same place that made the engagement ring almost as soon as it was on my finger I loved it so much! This was early 2006, and they let us have that price.

    Enjoy the search!!

  • sarahmike79sarahmike79 Posts: 1,866
    Thankyou for all your help and suggestions. I will take a look at the websites UglyBatty. I love tiffany too! im so really excited!!!!! hehe he

    Do you think that our rings need to match exactly? sorry ladies another questions!!! image xxx

  • scoopyukscoopyuk Posts: 300
    No not at all! Some women wear their engagement ring on their right finger leaving their wedding band to stand alone and sometimes just wear their wedding band for the majority of the time. I don't know if you watched SexandtheCity (I'm a huge fan!), but Charlotte had a beautiful celtic wedding band when she married Trey but her engagement ring was a simple but elegant princess cut diamond solitaire on a platinum band! Sometimes it's great to be different and not follow the crowd!

  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    Hi I looked at Tiffanys and saw some lovely rings in there as well as boodles which is well worth checking out. We got our rings from Furrer Jacot, its hard to describe, its a plain band with a tiny row of diamonds on each edge of the band all the way round. Very happy with it!

    Your wedding rings do not need to match, its your hand wear what makes you happy.x
  • sarahmike79sarahmike79 Posts: 1,866
    Thankyou! we are going to start looking at the weekend. im excited its going to be so special!

    Thankyou for your
  • SerahukSerahuk Posts: 1,687
    Ooh I feel all excited for you! I'm gettin married in July 2009 and started to look for wedding rings a couple of weeks ago- I've tried on loads! I've got a pear shaped engagement ring:

    Finding one that fits perfectly with it is hard work! The price platinum and gold is going up rapidly too- the one I'm close to choosing has one up £750 in a matter of weeks.

    Goodluck x
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