Photographs - advice please!

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Congratualations to all the newlyweds!

please can you give me some advice re photographs...

How many photographs are in your album? Photographer we like offers packages with different numbers of photographs in album and we don't know which option to go for.

How long did you allocate for photographs on your big day?

Any other tips and advice re photographs?

Many thanks

Alison x


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    Can you not decide how many for the album after you've seen them?

    Between and 1 & 2 hours is normal [ceremony end til start of wedding breakfast]

    Most of the days key moments will take place in the 1st 3-4 hours.

    Make a list of your 'must-have' shots & give copies to your ushers.

    Do the biggest group shots 1st so no-one has the opportunity to wander off/get lost/go to the bar/toilet or check-in.

    See complete weddings, and research what you want by looking at lots and lots of photography sites.

    Ask for a discount

    Make sure you know their terms and conditions regarding cancellation & postponement

    Check out their re-print prices

    Do they require feeding?

    Will there be one or two photographers?

  • Hi Alison

    We had 250 printed pics from our photographer plus a few enlargements. If you're on a budget, I think you can get away with 150 pics but we were fortunate enough to get all our photos on DVD as well, so that's a LOT. (I'm a bit of a photo junkie though - we had photos taken on the beach the next day as well after getting all dressed up again plus our DJ took pics of the party when the main photographer left). The more pics, the more memories but 150 minimum I would say are still enough. If you want to add to the pics, you can put disposable cameras on the tables. We did this but we are still waiting for these to be developed - they may prove to be just a lot of bad shots - we'll have to see!

    We had 8 hours of shooting - 2 before the wedding and 6 hours into the wedding. To me that was perfect but I think one could get away with 6 hours - 1 before the ceremony and 5 into it. Just plan your day so that the photographer is there for all the 'events', incl cutting the cake, throwing the garter/flowers etc.

    Good luck!

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