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hello, how did you choose a theme/colour??

Hello there, just joined you and your wedding.

Me and my fiance have booked our wedding for August 2008, although it seems ages off, we want to start thinking about colours / themes.

At the minute we're thinking of champagne and chocolate as a theme (as its our two favourite things), but worried the chocolate may look too dark for a summer wedding. So were thinking of adding some pastel blue into the theme.

Next week i'll probably be on a different colour, is this normal???

How did you guys finally choose on a theme/colour????


  • KorenaukKorenauk Posts: 627
    Congrats & welcome!!!

    I did things the wrong way around, most chose there dress and fir everything in around the dress. Me, onec h2b proposed i already knew i wanted emerald green as bridesmaid dresses and wanted cream flowers. So that was gonna be the colours, then we went to view our venue, and the room we get married and have our reception in is very red!! I didnt wanna change bridesmaid colours as h2b is wear a kilt in red. So my colours are white and ivory for the room!

    I know most people match there room theme in with there bridesmaids etc, but i havent and think its gonna look fab!

    I think your colours sound great, if your worried choc be to dark, used champ more and choc to compliment it!

    Good luck and happy planning x
  • I couldn't decided between a bright (dark) pink or claret/red so I asked my little sister (who is 10, a tomboy and also my bridesmaid)

    She said "well, your putting me in a dress, which I can deal with, but please don't let it be a pink dress" then she suggested Arsenal red.

    How could i refuse.

  • i found the bridesmaids dresses i liked in red so thats how i chose my colour xx
  • Claire07ukClaire07uk Posts: 3,482
    Hello, congratulations and welcome Mrs Harris 2B!

    I'm the same as MrsGavin2B - the first thing I chose was my emerald green colour - it doesn't match anything else but I don't care! I've got everything sorted except my dress! It's actually proving to be quite a difficult colour - I can't afford 'real' bridesmaid dresses so am getting them off the high street, and whilst there is a bit of green about because of Christmas, I've yet to find a nice emerald green dress - there's loads of teal but no nice green. My h2b wants to wear a green velvet jacket, which is also proving impossible. Can't hire them where we live and haven't found any on the high street (lots of blue, black, brown and red but no green!) Will just have to keep our eyes on ebay. Haven't a clue what we will put his 3 brothers in now!

    I think chocolate brown, champagne and pastel blue sounds lovely. If you aren't sure I would wait a wee while before you sort anything out - I know that when I first started looking at dresses on the net and in magazines I wanted something completely different to what I want now. So it's best to let all those ideas mingle around your head for a while so you can figure out what you really want.

    Happy planning and good luck with it all, Claire xxx
  • I had no idea really, apart from I did not want red (it's a football thing!!). So I toddled off to a fabric shop and had a good look round at everything, not just bridal fabrics. I found a colour that I just fell in love with, and as luck would have it they did it in a bridal fabric so that was that!!!
  • KorenaukKorenauk Posts: 627

    Where do you live??

    Do you have a clothes shop called Lime where you like? Its just i saw a nice green dress in there. But coz im getting married in feb, thought my bridesmaids will freeze. But its lovely colour! I live in doncaster, if you lived near by you could pop in is why i asked!
  • Claire07ukClaire07uk Posts: 3,482
    Thank you very much MrsGavin2B that's really sweet of you, but unfortunately I live in Northern Ireland! I don't think they have a shop called Lime near me. Thank you though ;\)
  • MoominmummyMoominmummy Posts: 1,621

    There were two deciding factors for me but neither are a particularly good way to go about it: one was that I knew i wanted peonies & sweet peas for my bouquet (also why I chose May!) so they really only come in variations of pink and then I saw some stationery I really liked which comes in loads of colours but I liked the pink so pink it is.

    However I wasn't 100% sure about having my bridesmaids in pink so they are wearing a kind of champagney - latte kind of colour with pale pink sashes. They just all liked the champagney colour so I let them have it!

    Champagne, blue and choc sounds lovely but I agree with Claire07, just take in inspiration at this stage & you'll start to find things you love & can just go with it!
  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    I have a 30s backcarved lucite brooch, with dark red roses carved into the clear front part, and then mounted onto a milky white foundation.

    that's my inspiration. I'll be using the brooch as the fastening of the coat or cape I'm making to go over my dress (it's a winter wedding, and I feel the cold).

    I also have a bit og gold embroidery that I did years ago that I'll be copying into my dress.

    so that's ivory / creamy white, dark red, and gold.

    by sheer chance, the room at the venue (in fact the whole venue) fits in with that, as red and cream are their signature colours. almost like it's meant to be!!
  • rammyukrammyuk Posts: 1,608
    Welcome & congrats

    i chose my theme when i saw my dress (iits red)sop my theme is going to be red, Ivory & silver

    Take care
  • Thanks a lot guys for your words.

    I think i will continue to think about it and see what inspiration i get. All of yours sound lovely.
  • i went into a ribbon shop in london and spent a couple of hours looking at all the colours, eventually bought some samples of blue, green and red ribbon in all different shades.This way i was able to take them home and spend another couple of hours deciding I finally decided on a blue and silver theme :\):\)
  • lisacuklisacuk Posts: 536
    Hi Mrs Harris 2b

    I have always liked earthy colours so decided on ivory,gold and chocolate as the theme.

    Had venue in mind (Tudor Hall) so colours really fit in.

    My dress is pale champagne/gold and Matron of honour will be in chocolate dress.

  • as the h2b always calls me his little bunny we are having a rabbit theme with little bunny confetti and bunny rabbit cake topper, colours are pink (my dress is an off pink colour with soft lace veil) Blue which is h2b fave colour and gold i just think gold brings it together and people have told me gold suits me same color as my shoesimage
  • We're having our reception in a village hall - you can't really glam it up so we thought we'd have a country wedding. Looking at wild flowers we chose our colours - ivory, pinks and purples (and green thrown in!)

    I think champagne and chocolate sounds fab - you could always have sunflowers to brighten things up and it would keep flower costs down as you don't need many of them to be effective! You could always grow them yourselves.....
  • nicandleenicandlee Posts: 1,743
    hello and welcome

    we're getting married in oct 07, i wanted a black and white them but h2b' suit didn't suit black so we've gone for cadbury's purple and white which looks just as good.
  • I think you have chose really smooth and relaxing glam colours as well sorry forgot to mention in my previous post !
  • ive just set our date for 26th jan 2008. my dress is ivory with platinum detail. i think it looks whiter than ivory and looks lovely with a white faux fur stole.

    my colours are; silver, baby pink and white.
  • Hello Mrs harris 2 be!

    I was like you until yesterday - i couldnt decide on colours!

    I picked up some ribbon a while ago in a kind of aqua colour that i loved but didnt think i would find anything to match it for my tables so was thinking about other colours any long story short i was in asda yesterday and noticed they had some new tablecloths and guess what they are virtually the same colour as that ribbon(i had been carrying it in my purse since i bought it just in case) so that was that i'm gonna have aqua for my bridesmaids and then do my tables in white with an aqua runner down each one and use silver pebbles and white candles on them.javascript:void(0)

  • I Think your idea of chocolate and champagne is beautiful. You could have a chocolate fountain at your reception which is something that we are looking into. I was thinking about lilac myself, but I am going towards the idea of chocolate and lilac.
  • kinainkinain Posts: 72
    My entire theme was also based around the fact the I love pale pink peonies. I think they're stunning and smell gorgeous. All I knew was that I wanted peonies.

    I like shabby chic, vintage style stuff anyway. And white. I love soft white.

    So, everything in the venue is going to be ivory - ivory table cloths, ivory chair covers, ivory chiffon sashes - and then on each table I've got an old fashioned junk shop teapot (all mismatched, but all are white with pink flower patterns) filled with informal bunches of roses, peonies, lisianthus and rosemary (in pinks and whites) - and surrounded by a few vintage-style glass tealight holders.

    Perfect for a spring wedding.

    I had quite a few different ideas, but peonies were always in there. And luckily, I'm not having any bridesmaids either - so I don't have that worry either.
  • vjs87ukvjs87uk Posts: 119
    I chose burnt orange after seeing cala lillies in burnt orange and i loved them!
  • June bride 2008,

    Where are you getting your bridesmaids dresses from... cos i i am having orange as well... and having the mango calla lillies... they are gorgeous.... i am just struggling with the bridesmaids for that colour!!!

    Coops to be
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