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Reception flowers/ Bouquet

Hi all,

Can you please post ideas / websites of the florists you're using or have come across in the past with resonable rates.....for flower centerpieces...and also non-flower centerpiece...(e.g candles/fishbowls.....)

I'm going out of my mind trying to find a florist that wont charge me more than £25-27 per centerpriece...

Also trying to find a florist for bouquets.....

Many thx....


    Sorry I don't have pics but my local florists did small centrepiece for £15 each. the big was about £50 so i decided to put 2 small ones together!

    for my bouquet, me and a friend were in Walthamstow market and we bought some bunches of flowers which were like £1.50 for 3 and then my friend put it together and hey presto it looked as good as any i saw in the florists!

    The whole idea of spending £££ on flowers has never really appealed to me especially the bouquet which you THROW! not me!

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    I know exactly what you mean ....I might also try my local florist and check out what their prices are like.....but otherwise all the prices I've been quoted for centerpieces are from £30 above..... I'm arranging 24 tables at my reception .......and dont necessarily want to spend £720 for a centerpiece on each table.....
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    Tolu, If you are that keen on flowers you could try doing them yourself + bridesmaids? If you go to covent garden market in Battersea you can get some really good prices but I hear they open like 3am in the morning! But there are other creative things like candles or floating tea lights and floral heads. I would have said artficial flowers too which can look really good but cost just as much except you can actually keep them after the wedding...or sell them on ebay!
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    also Tolu you can negotiate with the Vanilla Rose people, they are flexi to adapt to your budget.
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    thx so much sister did suggest going to a flower market ..cos she's very creative and wants us to see how much it'll cost us to buy the flowers/roses ourselves....I'll check Covent garden market as well...thx...

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