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Hi, just wondered what song everyone is having for their first dance.


  • hello,

    me and my husband to be have decided to have chris de burgh's lady and red.

    when we first met eachother this song was playing in the back ground.
  • We are having Paul Weller singing the Sister Sledge song Thinking of You.
  • we are having John Lennon Woman. Mt htb and I absolutely love this song and it has special meaning to us.
  • Hi Zoe. This one's a bit of a dilemma for me, as my h2b and I don't have an "our song" that we would immediately choose. I'm into rock music and would love to have a song called "Stellar" by Incubus as the words are so lovely, but Chris isn't sure. It's not heavy or anything, but he thinks it may be difficult to dance to and raise a few eyebrows! I'm thinking of not having a first dance rather than having something I don't love. What do you think?
  • hi melissa I asked this question because we also dont have and 'our song', we have talked about not having a first dance too, as we are only having a small wedding with close family and friends and not a proper reception with a dj or band or anything so I will feel a bit stupid dancing infront of everyone after we eat if there will be no other disco. however we do feel that we would still like a special song to be played at some point during the day that when we hear it in the future it will remind us of our wedding day. I think we are aiming towards amazed by lonestar which is a song we both love, h2b told me he thought it might be nice without even knowing how much i like it, so well prob go with that. let me know what you decide
  • BeXukBeXuk Posts: 96
    We're thinking of having Daniel Bedingfield - If your not the one... its a song we both love, and the words mean alot!
  • hlittlehlittle Posts: 445
    I'm in the same boat as Melissa in that we don't have a special song and aren't keen on most love songs. We're thinking about 'Streetmap' by athlete, which has lovely lyrics and which h2b played when we got engaged, but it's a bit slow and I'm worried people just won't get it! Mind you, that shouldn't matter really it's a song that is special to the happy couple after all!
  • We're having "Something Changed" by Pulp. We didn't want anything slushy cos that's just not us - it's more of a modern love song. Makes me smile!
  • blossom25blossom25 Posts: 3,070
    we are having 'When You Say You Love Me' as sung by Josh Groban. Mainly because of the lyrics. Took ages to pick one. Had a list of about 50 because we don't really have an 'Our Song' as such xx
  • sciallensciallen Posts: 246
    Hi everyone, like some of you, we dont have an "our song" either, and cant decide on what to have for our first dance. We both quite like "just the two of us" by Bill Withers, and my H2b would be quite happy with that, but im not 100% yet, keep thinking there might be something better out there, its just finding it!!!! x
  • find ourselves in the same boat as others don't have 'our song' and ht2 not ken on 'slushy crap' (as he calls it) . have considered roxy music's 'love is the drug' as we both love this song however slightly concerned about how we'll dance 2 it as a couple, and me in a large skirted dress. i think boogying on down in a wedding dress can look a bit silly. does anyone know what i mean?
  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Posts: 903
    H2B and I quite fancied Elton John's 'Are you ready for love?' As like a lot of people we don't have an 'our song'. Concerned that its slightly up tempo and I don't think my dancing skills are that good!
  • it's good to know that we'r not the only one's with the problem of not really knowing, things just got worse when I realised need to think about songs for the service aswell. don't know were to start for that one. any ideas?
  • CherrymaiCherrymai Posts: 185
    'our' song is Plug in Baby by Muse which is not really suitable! I love Daniel Beddingfield's If you're not the one but my partner says he doesnt! We are going through songs that mean stuff to us and we can't find one! I spoke to my manger at work (she got married in the 60's) and she said they didn't do the first dance back then? so we may not do it either!
  • me and my htb to be decided earlier this evening that it was really time to think about what music we are going to have for me coming in, during the signing of the register and then when we leave. It is horrendous decision to make because there are probably an absolute ton of songs that you like but most are not really appropriate for wedding material because they are either pop/rock etc tunes, not specifically designed for weddings.

    We have finally (well I think!!) Canon in D for me coming in. John Lennon- Love and Let Loose -Best in me while we are signing the register and then (many people will probably laugh but this song does have history!!) DJ Sammy -Heaven the candlelight mix when we leave. So we are sticking with the tradition when everyone will be listening properly and then gone with songs that have atleast some relevance to us. Any opinions/suggestions as always are appreciated!
  • rinnieukrinnieuk Posts: 158
    I was just listening to the radio on the way home and i heard 'I swear' by all for one. I thought my god i have not heard this for ages, after hearing the words i thought what a fab wedding song. 'for better, for worse, till death do us part i love you with every beat of my heart.' Sooo romantic, and not a really really slow one either!!
  • Gemma, I'm asuming you are having a civil ceremony. I don't know if this is correct, but I heard that your music cannot have any religious references - ie. You can't have Robbie Williams Angels as Angels are religious things - although the song is not. You should check this out if you want DJ Sammy Heaven, for the same reasons.
  • well apparently the rules have changed and it is down to the discretion of the Superintent Registrar as to whether this is appropriate or not. Having had a brief discussion with her she seems fairly reasonable, however if she deems this not to be suitable then we would be happy to look for an alternative. Its such a difficult decision anyway I am sure a few more hours/days!!! thought won't kill us.. but it is all good fun
  • shell26ukshell26uk Posts: 17
    hi zoe, my h2b and i r having hero by Enrique Inglegias. That's our song. My h2b played it while he was away training for the police. whenever i think of it or hear it., it makes me smile.
  • craftycharlicraftycharli Posts: 3,175
    Hi there - Our 'first dance' song will be Toploader 'dancing in the moonlight' as we both love it and it was aroung when we first started going out but we aren't strictly having a first dance as I would just feel a prat so it is just the first song of the disco! During the ceremony we have gone totally un traditional and I can't wait to see everyone's reactions - as I walk in we are having circle of life from the lion king (not the elton john version but the one from the film) as a wedding is part of the circle of life and I spent time in Africa after uni and love the african rhythmns. Then during the signing of the register we are having Frank Sinatra 'fly me to the moon' this is a bit in tribute to my great uncle who loved sinatra and I would have loved to have at the wedding but who unfortunately died recently and it is a classic love song. Then we are 'rocking' out (not walking out) to The Darkness and 'I believe in a thing called love' cos we went to a Darkness gig a couple of years ago and they are fab and if you listen to the lyrics it's an awesome love song!!! You should have seent he registrar's face when we told her all that!!!!!
  • troubleuktroubleuk Posts: 70
    We are thinkong of having 'Don't stop me now' by Queen for a bit fun and to liven things up. I also think we might ask it to be the last song of the night as well to tie things together.
  • JenniBukJenniBuk Posts: 75
    Alanis Morriette, Head over feet, beautiful lyrics and they mean a lot to us too, I have goose bumps just thinking about it!
  • emmadavies1emmadavies1 Posts: 128
    Think we're having god only knows by the beach boys (bit of a dodgy opening line but beautiful song that we both love), either that or nothing will tear us apart by inxs, bit hard to dance to though, especially as h2b has 2 left feet!
  • juliabird1juliabird1 Posts: 158
    On this subject does ANYONE OUT THERE have the cd of the soundtrack to 'MICHAEL' the film where John Travolta is an angel? I want 'Feels like Home' by Bonnie Raitt for our first dance as the lyrics are so beautiful. We dont have 'a' song but the lyrics always bring a tear to my eye as they are so right for us. If you could all cast your net far and wide for me to see if anyone you know has it I would be so very grateful.
  • We don't have an "our song" either - glad to see we aren't that unique in that respect! We went through the CD collection and started a list which we narrowed down to our final choice - Mockingbird by Katie Melua.

    Neither of us can dance, so we're also going to get professional lessons with a company who choreograph to your chosen piece.
  • Quoted:
    On this subject does ANYONE OUT THERE have the cd of the soundtrack to 'MICHAEL' the film where John Travolta is an angel? I want 'Feels like Home' by Bonnie Raitt for our first dance as the lyrics are so beautiful. We dont have 'a' song but the lyrics always bring a tear to my eye as they are so right for us. If you could all cast your net far and wide for me to see if anyone you know has it I would be so very grateful.

    There is one copy for sale on ebay at the moment - only one mind you so be quick! lol
  • hi there, we are having 'heaven' (baby your all that i want) the slow version by dj sammy, the words are fantastic and mean a real lot to us. its perfect for our wedding in july 2007. hope you all find the one u want!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • LouisaukLouisauk Posts: 23
    Personally I would love a slushy love song by H2B won't let me - he hates slow music as he says it makes him sad! We are having 'Shiny Happy People' by REM. Don't know how we'll dance to that - just have to jump around a bit I suppose!

  • anflbanflb Posts: 96
    we are having Van Morrison - Brown eyed girl....

    really can't decide for the ceremony (civil).....the wedding march made me feel sick when i heard it so don't think that would be a wise choice!
  • foghornukfoghornuk Posts: 47
    We're being greedy and having two 'first' songs! I really love Have I told you lately (Rod Stewarts version), so we'll dance to that first and the h2b wants Elvis, The Wonder of You, as he's a huuuge Elvis fan. What he doesn't know yet is that I have booked an Elvis impersonator to sing for an hour during the evening, so after Rod Stewart, we'll have 'Elvis' sing live!! I can't wait to see his face - it'll be one of the highlights of the day, I'm sure!
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