Any Parklands 'Saturday' brides? Past or future??

Hi ladies,

I know there are quite a few of us Parklands Quendon Hall brides on here but i'd like to specifically speak to some fellow 'saturday brides' if possible.

The reason is because Parklands requirements for minimum numbers becomes quite alot higher for a Saturday wedding so i'd love to speak to some other ladies in my position - to see what menu/buffet/drinks options you are al going for, or went for.

I am seriously starting to stress about all this!!!

Hope to hear from some of you soon xx


  • Hi CSWB!!

    I am a Parklands Saturday bride too - 12th September 2009, what about you?

    I was a bit surprised about the minimum numbers bit as no-one said anything about it till we got the contract, but hopefully we'll be able to get that many people to come!!

    How many have you got coming?

  • CSWBCSWB Posts: 732

    I'm Sat 14 March 2009.

    Well it looks like we're going to have 120 during the day, and then more in the evening - although not sure exactly how many more yet.

    The ceremony room holds up to 130 so may even have just over 120 people in the day. We've decided to eat in the marquee too coz i like the thought of guests seeing as much of the house as possible!

    It's just working out soooo expensive though!! We've still gotta choose our menu choices, but i think we've decided to go with the Hog Roast for the evening buffet....

    How about you?? x
  • Morning!

    Yes I know what you mean about expensive - I thought the venue hire was quite reasonable but then when you add in the food, buffet, welcome drinks etc etc it ends up being loads!! ah well, all in a good cause image

    I like the idea of the hog roast too, think we'll go for that. It's something a bit different, so should be good fun.

    Have you booked all your flowers and photographers and dj and all the other stuff?? I'm thinking of booking a quartet/duo for the ceremony and drinks afterwards and then a dj for the evening, but haven't booked anything as yet.

  • dlbriffadlbriffa Posts: 50

    I'm actually getting married on Sunday 21st December at Parklands and we have to have 60 day guests and 90 evening.
  • CSWBCSWB Posts: 732
    Hi Lullabelle,

    Never realise you'd replied again!! You prob don't even check this topic anymore.....

    Anyway, my photographer is booked, and my florist (got a meeting with them on Saturday to pick flowers actually), and i've booked the house DJ through Parklands. Oh and i've booked a harpist and a magician to entertain people! Are you goind to the parklands wedding fayre on 12th October? xx
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