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Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

Hi girls,

I am a bit stuck for some of the above. Can anyone help me? What are you lot having?

Love me xxxxxx


  • moonieukmoonieuk Posts: 310
    I am using my mum's blue garter - I guess that covers old, borrowed and blue
  • hmarsh8hmarsh8 Posts: 430
    Hi Shelly,

    Heres Mine:-

    Old - Mum's Bracelet

    Borrowed - Garter

    New - Jewellery (This will be the only thing that I will never of worn havent tried it on at all)

    Blue - I had real trouble with this, however when I went to collect my dress I had arranged to have a loop and tie attached uder the skirt so I could tie up the train (sounds weird I know but looks great!) Anyway when I went to collect dress this week she had done the loop and tie in blue ribbon!!!
  • Lucky you lol,

    I have got -

    New - wedding dress

    Old - My wedding ring (Two old rings one of my dad's and my nan's wedding ring made into a single wedding ring)

    Blue - Everton fc garter

    Just stuck on my borrowed as I have got all my jewellery. It was gonna be my tiara but person just let me down on that so I have had to buy one.
  • JoolyukJoolyuk Posts: 280
    Old-Mums engagement ring

    New-My dress

    Borrowed-Silver sixpence

    Blue-A piece of lace sewn into my dress holding the sixpence in.
  • gdrydengdryden Posts: 163
    Old - ?

    New - Wedding Dress

    Borrowed - ?

    Blue - Aquamarine earrings (my birth stone)

    Sixpence in my shoe - which could also be classed as old and borrowed, because my mam borrowed this from her friend xx
  • tattbagtattbag Posts: 264
    Okay, i too struggled with this but am having

    Old - my Nana's hankie

    new - dress

    borrowed - this was the hard one, i'm borrowing a sparkly hair slide thingy from my cbm to go on the ribbon of my bouquet.

    Blue - a ring of my Grandma's

    Both Nana and Grandma are no longer with us so thougt that this was a nice way of including them and there memory.


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  • Hi, this is my stuff:

    old and borrowed - my mums gold watch covers both

    new- wedding dress / jewellery/ underwear - all of it!!

    blue - little blue bow on my garter

    Shelley -how about borrowing a nice compact type mirror from someone to pop in your handbag? that way you won't have to add anything you don't need / want to your outfit but you've still got something borrowed with you?

  • kimdunckimdunc Posts: 63
    shellyelly - where did you get your everton garter from please? i've looked in the club shop but they say they haven't got any.

  • MrsCtoBeMrsCtoBe Posts: 287
    Hi this is mine:

    Old: my nanny's necklace

    New: My dress

    Borrowed: My sisters bracelet

    Blue: My tiara (and nans necklace)

    and i've got a silver sixpence for my shoe kindly given to me by my florist xx

    p.s. shellyelly your wedding ring sounds fab and a lovely idea x
  • Vegas bride - Such a good idea never thought of that, thought it had to be one yourself.

    MrsWeedall2b - I got it from the Everton shop. Me & H2B have also got Everton passport cover as well. Going to cause a definate stir at airport as rest of bridal party are all Liverpool supporters.

    MrsCtoBe - Was just going to use my nan's wedding ring as she had died by the time my dad got married and it no longer fits him due to him having exzema. So when I tried it on it was too wide. So dad gave me a signet ring that my nan & grandad gave to him for his 21st that he no longer wears and I have had them put together. More sentimental then anything else.
  • maj21maj21 Posts: 71
    Old ????

    New - wedding dress

    Borrowed ???? - the compact mirror idea sounds good

    Blue - getting our names and date of wedding embroidered inside my dress in blue
  • paulafosterukpaulafosteruk Posts: 1,027
    haven't got a clue but


    new- probably a bag that my sister got me to go with my dress


    blue -??? hum can my bridesmaids count as my blue

    what is the sixpence in the shoe thing?

  • MrsCtoBeMrsCtoBe Posts: 287
    The silver sixpence is not very well known, but in short this is it:

    Years and years ago a young woman was getting married and her father gave her a sixpence to hide in her shoe, should her new husband prove not to be the man she thought he was she could bribe a footman with the sixpence to take her home to her father. As she and her new hubby had a wonderful life together she never needed to use the sixpence and it is now a traditional gift of good luck given to the bride by her father.

    Mine was given to me by my florist, or you an buy them from etc

  • happygoluckyhappygolucky Posts: 710
    Old and blue - My moms wedding garter with blue ribbon through it

    New - the dress, ring, husband lol.

    Borrowed - my best friends satin ring cussion x

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  • FeeFee232FeeFee232 Posts: 1,159

    Coincidence. I came across this thread this morning. I then opened the confetti link and saw the cost of the sixpence. I then googled ebay and found a sixpence for the year I was born, mentioned it to one of my bridesmaids on msn messenger sent her the link and hey presto she bought it for me. I didn't ask her to she just did it.

    Strange how things happen.

    So now I have everything something new, old,borrowed, blue and my lucky sixpence.

    Best wishes to everyone.


  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    If you're stuck for the "borrowed" part of the requirements, why not borrow some perfume from one of your female guests? I'm sure at least one of them will have a perfume that you

    a) really like & it smells good on you AND

    b) you don't already have this same fragrance yourself!

    Borrow the bottle of perfume for the day so you can touch up. If she's wearing that same fragrance herself, she'll need to come to you to touch hers up too!

    It's my 2nd time around - with my first wedding I found out on the day whilst getting ready that I really needed a pair of tights which my sister lent to me!
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