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Best invite bargains ever!!

As we are on a bit of a tight budget for our wedding next year, h2b was going to make the invites, order of service etc as he is a graphic designer. After doing the most amazing design ever, we found out it was still going to cost a bomb even with his work connections.

Anyway, we have just been having a mooch in Tesco and found a wedding section bargain bin. We've just got 40 wedding day invites, 40 evening invites, 40 acceptance cards, 48 order of service outers, 64 thank you cards and 2 lovely photo albums for £44 pounds!!!! The day invites alone would have cost £25 at full price.

Even though i am a bit dissapointed that our invites aren't going to be amazing and individual, i am so glad that i can use that money for another little treat or two!

It's amazing what you can find when you're not looking for it!!!


  • Well Done Katkiss , i think weddings can get so out of hand money wise if we all went for EVERYTHING we wanted! I bet the invites are just as gorgeous and unique in there own way. Plus like you sayu you can spend the money you have saved for other more spcial treats !!

    Tanya xx
  • Autumn_79Autumn_79 Posts: 117
    God Bless Tesco - I got 120 day invites for £19.50 and I think they are lovely - no-one can tell they come froma supermarket. I also got a guest book for £1.99 and 40 place cards for less than £3! Well done with your bargains

  • WOW i didnt even know tesco do a wedding bit!!!!!!

    We priced our invites up and for the invites (day and night), place cards, menus and thankyou cards it is coming up at £340.00!!:\(

    Think i better get looking round as up to know this is one of the most expensive things (and i have my dres!!!!!!)

    Good post !image

    K xxx

  • hi girls

    have you got any photos?


  • katkissukkatkissuk Posts: 221

    Will try and put some photos on tomorrow. The design i got are white with pink spots and a pink ribbon on them, the day invites have a little beaded heart on them too.

    Went back to Tesco this afternoon and got a load of silver cone shaped party poppers reduced from 5.99 for 10 to 1.49. It was the same checkout lady and she laughed at me when i told her i wasn't getting married for over a year, but a bargain is a bargain!!!
  • ShoeaholicukShoeaholicuk Posts: 376
    I got mine from a studio cards sale, I got 100 invites for £19 they are really nice, cream organza rectangle with silver beaded heart. I am going to print the inserts myself. They have saved us a fortune. I also got my favour candles from there which are in a glass holder for £2 for 4, I am going to replace the candle with a scented one and wrap them in organza.
  • I have made my own invites, place cards and order of service books for less than half the price of the exact same invite in a local handmade card shop.

    Will take a photo later and try and upload it on here.

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