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benjamin roberts 930. anyone order this? what u think of it?

i love it...tried it on this weekend and think its def the one.. have to re-try on pronovias Neon.:\?


  • teiganukteiganuk Posts: 580
    I really love the benjamin roberts 930, my dress is the benjamin roberts 912 & for months & months i was thinking that i had made a mistake & really wished i had goe for the 930. My friend got married in may & she wore the 930 so i was glad in the end i went for the 912 so we didnt have the same!!! i think all the benjamin roberts dresses are lovely!! xx
  • NewMrsLNewMrsL Posts: 478
    hi i love benjamin roberts dresses mine is 1017 love it!! i loved the way they fitted when i tried them on urs is fab2!
  • ghtobeghtobe Posts: 125
    im getting it in the north for 1000 pounds, that's about right isnt it? i love it!
  • mexmummexmum Posts: 75
    Hey ghtobe. I also think that I will go for the benjamin roberts 930 dress. I have tried on soo many dresses but I keep going back to this one. My only issue is that I still feel a little chubby for it but I know I will lose the weight in time for my wedding.

    Where are you getting it for 1000.00? I was going to buy it in a shop called aliya rose in cupar but it cost £1200.

    I honestly think it is a stunning dress and also that it is a wee bit different because of the mermaid style. What colour are you thinking of going for?

  • tt25777tt25777 Posts: 2,239
    I love this dress and it was on my shortlist of dresses. The only reason I didn;t order it was because I had my heart set on a white dress and because it is silk it didn't come in oure white.

    Great dress choice x
  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    BR is on my shortlist too.....hmmm decisions decisions x x x
  • ghtobeghtobe Posts: 125
    Hi, Im getting mine in Northern Ireland for 1000 sterling which is about 1220 euro. In southern Ireland its 1800 euro! crazy.... i love it sooo much! getting it in ivory. The only thing im worried about is my wedding isnt til next summer but I love this and have tried on a good few. will i regret it??!! oh i just dont know. I love it. I think ill just order it, dont want to look anymore
  • mexmummexmum Posts: 75
    If i was you I would just order will know yourself if this is the one.

    I am sure alot of designers discontinue some of their dresses about oct/nov I think? so I am planning to buy mine in about aug/sept just incase they discontinue this one. I too am getting married in june 09

    I think I will go for the diamond white colour...

    its very exciting...image

    Let us know when you order it. xx
  • ghtobeghtobe Posts: 125
    youre right, i think im just feeling silly cus my wedding isnt til end of july 09 and two of my friends getting married this summer keep reminding me how far away my wedding is and i should wait. They have the dress in the shop size 10 and at the lowest price ive found. Is it a sign??!!!:\)
  • NewMrsLNewMrsL Posts: 478
    hi ghtobe im also gettin married in n. ireland am from there to wheres bout u from? i wonder if our dresses are from same shop cuz there arent many Benjamin Roberts stockists in NI?
  • moh89moh89 Posts: 2,883
    I've ordered this online from America, bu i hasn't arrived yet, nor have I tried it on as the only stockist in Edinburgh only had a size 10 sample!!!! I'm a very large girl... size 22-24, 5'10" and she was extremely rude and old me in no uncertain terms that it wasn't for me....... shame I had already ordered it then eh?????

    I don't think they have any intentions of discontinuing this dress, I was hoping that last year, to no avail and it's still as expensive as ever!

    It's due in the next couple of weeks, so I'll let you know how I get on!

    It might arrive and be hideous!!! image
  • mrscabbottmrscabbott Posts: 209
    My friend had the 930 for her wedding about 2 weeks ago and it's a stunning dress. Really unique and beautiful
  • Nina698Nina698 Posts: 291
    I was going to have a 930 it was between that and another Benjamin Roberts I chose the adeline from the constantina range and got it for £1200 which is less than normal from a bridal show !!!

    Go for it though its a beautiful dress !!!
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