Civil Ceremony

Hello Everyone,

I am just starting to plan my civil ceremony, in a hotel can any one advise me where to starts, the venue and date is provisinaly booked, i have been advised about the notice that i have to have that and the registrar - Can one help on how i give the notice?

Also so you have to have vows in a civil ceremony? if you dont is it very quick?


  • tt25777tt25777 Posts: 2,239

    You will need to book a registra from the registry office in the area that your venue is in. You can provisionally book these as soon as you have your venue confirmed.

    You need to give notice to get married at your local registy office, if this is different to the area where you are getting married. You can do this upto 12 months in advance of the wedding and it costs £30 each. You just call up and make an appoinement, it was all very easy and only took approx 20 mins.

    You do have vows in a civil ceremony, but they are shorter than a church wedding, so you can having readings that people do in-between if you wish, although these cannot have any religious content. Your registra will run throught all of this with you though
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