MOB inviting friends to hen do

Hi everyone,

My mother has just announced that she is inviting her friends to my hen do. It is in two weeks and I am having people round to my house and then going out round the town. I am really looking forward to it, especially as I have been able to invite my closest friends. My mum and dad are paying for most of my wedding and there will be a lot of family there, some of whom I don't know. So I was looking forward to having control over my hen do guest list- just me and my friends!

Anyways, it was agreed that my mum and aunties would come to the day part of my hen do at my house. But my mum just 'announced' today that she has invited four friends! Who I don't even really know. She also said that they might carry on the party for a bit when we go out on the town. And that I should get lots of wine in!

I'm not sure I can say anything as my mum has organised a lot of my wedding (I have a very busy job) and don't want to upset her so close to the wedding!

Am I over-reacting, or is this a bit cheeky? I don't really want them there, to be honest. Why would I? I can understand them being at the wedding, but the hen do?


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    I don't really think I would mind to be perfectly honest. I know it is your wedding and hen do, but it is a big celebration for her to, and I can understand her wanting to invite friends along, especially as the party would effectively end for her when you go out with your mates, so this way you both to get to have a longer party, you go off clubbing or whatever, and she gets to have a fun evening in with her friends whilst she to is in the 'party mood'.

    I am sorry if that came across as a bit rude - I am quite tired and seem to be losing the ability to string coherant sentences together, it really wasn't meant in that way. Please feel free to shout at me if it did.

    I hope you have a great do whatever happens xx
  • I completely understand what you are saying jennied but I wanted my hen do to be just close friends and I don't even know my mum's friends. Plus, she didn't even ask. It might have been different if she had as then at least I would have had a chance to say yes or no. It is a big celebration for her, I understand that, but I would have thought the wedding and after party (my mum is hosting a party at her house the day after) would be ample chance for celebration.
  • I understand what you mean mrsfabmoretti. My sister invited my mum to her hen weekend so I feel like a precedent has been set and she will expect to come to mine. I love my mum to bits but to be honest don't want to go out partying with her... and feel hen do's are about letting your hair down with your friends. And I feel it is a bit cheeky inviting her friends, I guess perhaps she is worried about not enjoying herself if she doesn't know people... but it is your hen night and you want to be surrounded by people that you love not a load of randoms! I don't think you should feel bad for wanting your hen do to be all about you...
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