Afternoon Tea instead of sit-down meal?

We are thinking of having "Afternoon Tea" instead of a sit-down meal, can this work? Has anyone else done this or been to a wedding this has been done.

The idea is a Tea at the Ritz style afternoon tea with sandwiches, scones and cream, small cakes, selection of teas, coffee and champagne.

Any ideas/thoughts/advice welcome!


  • rmgaveyrmgavey Posts: 152
    No havent been to one like this but it sounds great! Good idea! Make sure everyone eats enough though or it'll be very drunken in the evening!
  • Not enough food, especially when people are drinking, is a concern of ours.
  • GPPGGPPG Posts: 74
    What time of day was you planning the ceremony?

    Were you also having an evening reception with a buffett?

    I love the idea! x
  • BevversBevvers Posts: 650
    We are having a civil ceremony at a hotel in November, then after the service we are having warm bacon barms for our guests & then going into the evening reception with full buffet. I love this idea of afternoon tea its great.

    The only thing I found with it being in a hotel, not many hotels liked the idea of not having the full sit down meal - they lose out on money. So depending on where your having it just be aware of that.............


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    There is an artical on a real wedding done like this in the current Weddings magazine - I thought it looked lovely!!! xx
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    I think this sounds great (if you can get the venue to agree) but I would say make sure there is enough savoury stuff as it's easy to feel a bit sick on a meal of sweet stuff ! (esp with drinking as well). So you could have sandwiches, mini quiches, smoked salmon bagels, cheese pastries, that kind of thing as well as the cakes and sweet scones.

    you could always serve bacon rolls or something in the evening if people might still be hungry.

    we are thinking of having a small afternoon tea instead of canapes and then a late-ish sit down meal

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    We're having afternoon tea, there is a massive thread about it somewhere on the forum.

    We're going to have the tea about 3:30 then a massive, hot, buffet a bit later in the evening. I think as long as you inform your guests on the invites it'll be fine.

    Good luck!

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  • GirliezenaGirliezena Posts: 453
    we are having afternoon tea too - I have bought three tiered porcelain cake plates with small fancy cakes - cucumber sandwiches, sausage rolls and strawberries and cream. We are having tea at 4.45pm so are telling everyone to eat before they come!! We are having BBQ in the evening so there will be plenty of food then.

    Hope you decide to do it - the other plus - its only costing us £15.75 per head!!! much better than the £35 min plus that a sit down wedding breakfast might cost you!!

  • KeepingMumKeepingMum Posts: 566
    we are having afternoon tea. We are having sandwiches and scones at 4pm and then guests will be going home at 7pm (have more celebrations next day) so I guess if you are having an evening do you could just as easily have evening buffet served early.

    someone else was having a HUGE afternoon tea (quiches and all sorts) which sounded fantastic and would certainly fill people up as much as any other kind of buffet

    If your venue is happy with it - go for it!

    KM x
  • Bl0nd1eBrideBl0nd1eBride Posts: 167
    We're planning on having afternoon tea with sandwiches with different fillings, quiches, pork pies, fresh fruit and lots of different cake and scones. We will have strawberries in bowls with optional cream when guests arrive with a drink (pink champagne or pimms) and later in the evening, a hog roast with vegetarian option. Although I say afternoon tea, it's rather more village fete with bunting and straw bales. I can't wait!!
  • Not sure how i came up with the idea of afternoon tea instead of canapes, i think i was looking at getting M&S to do my catering at the time, and that's when i got the idea of afternoon tea. I think its great, goes well with my venue. Already asked them when paying deposit if this was ok to do, which they said yes but i would have to source 3 tier cake stands. So i have hunted high & low and got some glass ones from Ikea in the end.

    Should all work well with our day. Plan to have afternoon tea at 3.00-3.30pm, then onto 3 course meal then bacon rolls or hog roast in evening for everyone. Was planning BBq but have decided to have this the night before as a meet & greet event for the families & friends!! its exciting!
  • I love this idea- I want it for my wedding!!!
  • chess4chess4 Posts: 1,831
    We're doing this. Service at 3pm, afternoon tea shortly after 5pm and then a hog roast at about 8.30pm instead of a buffet. Enjoy! x
  • chess4chess4 Posts: 1,831
    We're doing this. Service at 3pm, afternoon tea shortly after 5pm and then a hog roast at about 8.30pm instead of a buffet. Enjoy! x
  • we are doing this in 3 days time!!! Its only costing £10 a head for the afternoon tea we are starting at 3pm with sandwiches various fillings such as smoked salmon, cheese and grape, cream cheese and cucumber, ham and beef. We are also having quiche, homemade sausage rolls, chicken goujons, cheese kebabs and homemade vegetable crisps. For the cakes we are having scones, choc brownies, victoria sponge, mini choc eclairs, fairy buns and butterfly cakes all being done by a caterer who sources local produce and home makes/bakes everything!! She will also serve tea and coffee!!! I have been collecting tea pots tea cups and saucers and cake stands for 18 months I cannot wait to see it all come together but its been hard work!! I've kind of left all other wedding preparation till the last minute like order of service, seating plans etc as i've spent so much time arranging things to create an authentic afternoon tea/village fete feel!! I've made 37 metres of bunting!!! I'd really recommend to do this if you wnat something different and something you can have as a lower budget meal option but without it looking cheap. I wouldn't worry about the drinking aspect you can ensure the caterer makes enough food so that people can be full!! Oh yeah in the evening we are having stew with homemade bread its getting chilly now in the evenings I'm hoping our guests will enjoy having an autumnal hearty meal to warm them up!!

    I''l post some piccies as soon as i can so people can see whether it was a success or not!!

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