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Poems for mums

Hi girls,

Was on here quite a while back and read some really beautiful poems from brides to mothers but cannot find them now....any ideas or websites I can look on?

Are you giving a poem to your mum? Would love to read it!

Want to write a poem out for my mum and give it to her the night before the wedding but I need some inspiration!

Anything would help.

Thank u xx


  • KpeacockukKpeacockuk Posts: 351
    I'm looking for these as well! Plus i have no imagination at all so can't write my own.....

  • VeilukVeiluk Posts: 214
    I recently used The lady that runs the website asks for a few details that you want included in the poem, then she writes one for you. You can then decide how much you want to pay! I asked her to write one for H2B, and am now thinking about asking her to write one for my mum.

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  • sirsuksirsuk Posts: 2,478
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