What does everyone think of Mother of the Bride tops

I was thinking of having bridal party tops done for me and the bridesmaids for the morning of the wedding. I want to get my mum one so everyone is involved ..... i found them from 14.99 cheapest anyone else found cheaper!


  • GlamChickukGlamChickuk Posts: 156
    why don't you get soe cheap tops from Primark, Asda or such like and then use these diamante iron-on transfers


    I'm going to do that as it works out so much cheaper and no-one will know the difference!
  • kilmarnockukkilmarnockuk Posts: 501
    Hi ive done the same as GlamChick only i bought the velour tracksuit tops from primark with maching tracksuit bottoms at £4 each and bought diamante transfers from the same seller as GlamChick at £5 each i was going for tshirts but thought the tracksuit tops are a better idea as they zip up the front better to take off as not to spoil hair and makeup on the day have a look at my transfers http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220257677261
  • orchid28ukorchid28uk Posts: 401
    I think its good to include everyone.

    I'm having dressing gowns which I will buy from either primark or matalan and then a printing company is going to embroider them for £3 each.

    I'm even getting my dad a Father of the Groom one so we can all be cheesy together!! lol! image
  • riaxxxxriaxxxx Posts: 478
    confetti.co.uk has a sale on im sure they had some for 4.99
  • kilmarnockukkilmarnockuk Posts: 501
    confetti has a mother of the bride one for £3.99.x
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