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I've picked my dress - Caroline Castigliano Chanel!!

Hi, am so excited!!

I picked my dress yesterday - Caroline Castigliano Chanel. I had such a great time at their Nottingham shop. What an experience. The fitter spent ages talking to me and my two friends about the sort of person I was and how I usally dressed and the type of wedding we were having, which is based around the idea of "posh frock and a party"

She very quickly sussed my figure shape and then I tried on about 10 gowns. At the end of the fitting when it was narrowed down to "the one" she asked me to shut my eyes and imagine that it was THE day and the type of impact I wanted to make and before asking me to look in mirror for the last time. Even though the sample didnt really fit properly I still felt a million dollors and quite emotional or may be that was just the couple of glasses of wine!!

Cant wait for the fittings now!

Is anyone else wearing Chanel?


  • emilybiscuitemilybiscuit Posts: 1,298
    hi Helen image

    Wow!!! Chanel is stunning I can imagine how excited you are image

    I'm having CC 'beautiful' and I'm also located at the Nottingham branch. I had my first fitting 2 weeks ago and my gown fit perfectly image just having the hem taken up about an inch. I collect my gown next week and I can't wait!!!

    So pleased you have found your dream dress, I felt emotional in the gown I have chosen and I knew it was the 'one' image

    Have you tried accessories yet? They have amazing tiaras and veils, I ended up buying a fabulous single tier very long veil covered in swarovski crystals and a handmade swarovski tiara from CC in Nottingham too!!!! They complimented the gown so perfectly I had to have them!! Hehe

    Good luck with the rest of your wedding prep, let us know how you get on with Chanel image

    All the best, Emily image x
  • helenlindohelenlindo Posts: 135
    Hi Emily, are you from Nottingham to?

    I have got to have a "toile" made because I have a big bust but very small back and narrow hips so I can't get away with just mnior alterations, which adds another £600 to the bill! They make a cotton bodice to fit you and then use that for the pattern for the main dress. All very exciting!

    I tried on beautiful too in fact tried on most of them!

    I got my shoes yesterday and a hair piece so am all done really. Its second time round for me so I am not going to wear a veil.

    When are you getting married?


  • emilybiscuitemilybiscuit Posts: 1,298
    hi Helen image

    Lucky you! Your figure sounds amazingimage hehe

    I'm actually from Worcestershire but I love the CC dresses and decided it was worth travelling.

    I get married on Sunday 17th August in 3 weeks time!!! Its come round so fast! How about you ? When is your big day?

    Wow, you sound organised choosing your shoes and hairpiece too, well done.

    It is expensive having the made-to-measure and extra alterations but it will fit you so perfectly it will be worth it. Mine was made-to-measure too and at my first fitting I couldn't believe how comfy my gown was, even with the boned corset structure I could hardly feel it!!!

    So are you nearly sorted with you wedding plans?

    Emily image x
  • helenlindohelenlindo Posts: 135
    Hi not sure about amazing!!!

    You must get your dress soon, 3 weeks itsnt very long at all. I bet you cant wait to wear your gown.

    We dont get married until April next year so yesterday was my first and only shopping expo!!

    Like you I'd done loads of research and was lucky enough that there is a CC here.

    Sorted quite a bit, booked venue, reception, band and honeymoon. The rest of it can wait now until after Christmas.

    How long have you been planning?

    Helen x
  • emilybiscuitemilybiscuit Posts: 1,298
    all sounds great, you are well on schedule then image

    Yeah, I collect my gown Thursday coming, so very excited!!! Hehe

    April will come round so quickly!!! Ours has snuck up on us in the last few weeks!

    We actually set our original wedding date in June 2007, but in October 2006 I fell pregnant!!! Unplanned and totally shocking!!! So we had to postpone until this august and we now have an 11 month old son image luckily most things were booked and set in stone so we only really had to do a couple of things once we reset the date. Our honeymoon isn't going to be the Maldives now as we had planned as we have the little one to consider but we don't mind as we looking forward to a nice hotel in Menorca or somewhere with the 3 of us together image

    The worrying thing was my gown incase I changed shape but amazingly I didnt!!! My bust went slightly bigger after b.feeding (bonus!!! Hehehe) but that was all!!! So glad I had opted for the MTM option as it made life much easier in terms of alterations after giving birth if needed.

    So where are you off to for your honeymoon?

    My H2B is 2nd time round, 1st time for me though image

    Emily x
  • helenlindohelenlindo Posts: 135
    Hi sorry to be so long replying, I had to go out, the trouble with this site is that you can lose the day!!

    You were really lucky that your shape didint change too much and it will be lovely to have your 11 month old with you. It's second time round for both of us so we will have 2 16 year olds and a 10 year old at our wedding. We keep winding them up saying that they will look great in pale blue velvet!!

    We are off to Antigua, never been before. What about you will you get away by yourselves?

  • emilybiscuitemilybiscuit Posts: 1,298
    ooooo Antigua, how lovely image

    I think we will take a nice relaxing break with the little one, perhaps in ten years time we might get to do a honeymoon on our ownimage hehehe

    Awwww, bet your kids will love it, weddings are so special. I love the pale blue velvet suggestion.... Hahaha I can imagine they weren't impressed!!! Hehehe

    So have CC told you when your first fitting will be?

    Emily image x

    p.s. Took me ages to find our post, it dropped to page 3!!!
  • helenlindohelenlindo Posts: 135

    They said they wanted me back for first week in October for the first fitting. My worry is that I have dropped a stone for the trying on session last week so that means I have got to keep the weight off. I'm going on hols in September for 2 weeks to see h2bs elderly aunt in Canada. So I'm going to have to eat lettuce leaves the whole holiday image!!

    I'm thinking the time will fly by, by the time we get back from Canada it will be count down to Christmas and after that the day will be here before I know it.

    What are you going to do with your dress afterwards? I think I am going to look into having it altered and dyed. I dont think I'll ever spend this sort of money again on a dress so would like to wear it again!!

    Having lots of fun winding up the teenagers - I think they want to wear tuxedos which is fine by me. You can hire the whole lot from a place in Nottingham including shoes and shirts etc for £45 because they are students. Seems to make sense!!!

    Hope you find this again it had dropped to page 3 again this morning! Typing this during my lunchhour at work -I must look very busy to everyone else typing away!! image

  • emilybiscuitemilybiscuit Posts: 1,298
    haha hi Helen image

    Only dropped to page 2 this time so hopefully will catch you later.

    October will come round so fast!!! I can't believe mine us 3 weeks away now!!! Scary!!!

    The tuxedo hire sounds really good, are you having a black tie theme then?

    I have no idea what to do with my gown afterwards! It has so much material I don't think I could get away wearing it again. Your idea sounds great, what colour would you go for if you dyed it?

    I think mine will end up in a huge box and I will just get it out as often as possible to admireimage hehe couldn't bare to part with it either image

    I'm so excited today, pick my gown up this thursdayimage yippeeee

    hope you don't get caught typing too much at workimage hehe

    All the best, Emily x
  • emilybiscuitemilybiscuit Posts: 1,298
    oh I forgot to say, your Canada break sounds great image

    Try not to worry about your weight, even if you did alter a little bit the CC dresses do have a little room to go up or down as I was told when they found out I was pregnant!!! You'll be fine.

    image x
  • helenlindohelenlindo Posts: 135
    Hi, still on the first page tonight so didnt have to search for our thread.

    We havent really got a theme to be honest, I wasnt sure what I was going to wear and now that I am I can go from there. The boys in black tie seems a nice idea as they will look a bit different from every one else. H2b keeps saying he wants to wear T Shirt and jeans! His mum was Scottish so he is thinking about a kilt but I'm not sure he has the legs for it!!

    Not sure about colour for afterwards, I suppose it will depend upon what the options are with the fabric. I'd love to do something like a really deep purple!!

    I've got a photo on my phone of me in the sample so if I can figure out how to get it on to this thread I'll post it so you can see!

    Glad to hear there is a bit of room for weight going up and down in the dresses.

    Roll on Thursday for you!! I expect to see a picture??

    Take care



  • emilybiscuitemilybiscuit Posts: 1,298
    hi Helen image

    Sorry for late reply!!! We were on page 6 too!!!

    Wow, kilt sounds fabimage so does the deep purple image

    Yes!!! Post your pic, I'd love to see you in your gown as would many others I'm sure.

    I'm so excited about tomorrow, doubt I will sleep tonightimage hehe

    I will try and get a picture too and post it image

    All the best, Emily image x

  • helenlindohelenlindo Posts: 135
    Hi, found you again!!

    Big day today for you then, hope to see a picture soon. I cant find my cable to contect the phone to the PC (really anoying!!!!) Will keep searching!

    Have you seen the thread slagging of CC about Chinese manufacturing. There are a couple of anti CC threads all seem to have the same people in them. All a bit suspicious and makes you wonder.

    Have a great day.

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