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Uk Luxury Honeymoon ideas - surprise for the h2b!

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I am getting married on the 1st November and on the 21st December we are going to the maldives for our honeymoon, however I wanted to surprise my h2b with a uk honeymoon immediatly after the wedding, I dont want to go abroad as he is in the forces and wont be able to get more than 4 days off after the wedding. Soooooo I am looking for a nice honeymoon in the uk, I was thinking along the lines of Dublin as he's never been and I know he'll love the Guiness storehouse, or maybe London to see a show and 'the sights' (He's a northener you see..... hehe)

I need inspiration, I want it to be really really special!!! and I'm gazumped!

Thank you in advance!



  • MrsKP_MrsKP_ Posts: 2,035
    Dublin isn't in the UK! :P

    Putting that aside though! We're heading down to Gidleigh park for a couple of nights after our wedding day (we're not having a proper honeymoon until June'ish due to my fear of flying and bad weather in Europe in December!), it's been highly recommended by a lot of friends. It's a great looking hotel and Michael Caines is the chef at the restaurant, which has two michelin stars. It's in Dartmoor.
  • danniwalterdanniwalter Posts: 463
    Hehe I know I know, Ok so I should have put Uk and the republic of eire but Titles only have so much space!!!image

    Thank you for the suggestion im going to look at it now, take my mind off work!
  • Pippa155Pippa155 Posts: 1,144
    Oooh, that looks lovely Katteh!

    I'm biased, as it is my wedding venue, but Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons is lovely for a minibreak...

    Also 2 Michelin star restaurant, gorgeous gardens, and you can have cookery lessons! Only slight drawback is there's no spa, but you can have treatments in your suite...mmmmm

    (ps, I'm not on commission, honest!)
  • MrsKP_MrsKP_ Posts: 2,035
    That looks lovely snowqueen - what a gorgeous place to have your wedding! There isn't a spa at Gidleigh Park either I don't think, but you can have treatments in your room also.
  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    check out small leading hotels of the world, looking in the uk. Mr and Mrs Smith have some great options also, check the chosen hotel out on trip advisor
  • Not sure where up north h2b is from, but we went to Berwick, and stayed at a gorgeous hotel called Number 1 Sallyport. I was truly lovely, we had a gorgeous relaxing long weekend, and went to see the puffins on the Farne Island.. I made myself sound like a bit of a bumpkin didn't i??
  • KemsukKemsuk Posts: 406
    Try this.., its a little piece of paradise and only so cheap because they have been up and going less than a year, they have 5 star silver and its sooo sooo peaceful!
  • danniwalterdanniwalter Posts: 463
    I do love the look of littlebank, so quaint! I love the Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons aswell, but thats slightly over my budget, think Im going to save that one for our first anniversary! Mr and Mrs smith is a good website, thank you so much for the recommendation! xx
  • danniwalterdanniwalter Posts: 463
    FAO Sidewalk THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!! your recommendation of the small luxury hotels website led me onto the most beautiful hotel in dublin which I am about to book it is STUNNING, I am so excited, going to book us in at the restaurant as well for yummy thai food, and a few treatments in their spa for me and h2b, he will love it! thanks again for the website, I wouldnt have found it otherwise!!! x
  • Chloe1981Chloe1981 Posts: 879
    My HB and I stayed in La Stampa last year and it was gorgeous! You will love it! x
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