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Hi all

Just wanted to say have a wonderful wedding and holiday!!!! Congratulations to you all!!


Jo xx


  • mehubandbubmehubandbub Posts: 932
    I fly out Saturday.. can I be included... please.

    All the best to everyone, have a wonderful time. We're getting married!! and going on holiday!!



  • madhouse35madhouse35 Posts: 425
    Course you can Jo!! Have a fantastic time, when are you getting married? I'm not flying out til the 6th August, getting married on the 12th at Peyia Town Hall, I was suppose to be flying out tommorrow (another story!). Have a fab time! xx
  • Mrs_MikeMrs_Mike Posts: 434
    Hey Jo - wishing you all the best! have a wonderful time and everyone else who is flying out to get married soon

  • kiansmummykiansmummy Posts: 56
    I'm so jealous - I don't go until 7 weeks tomorrow!

    Have a fantastic time everyone! Looking forward to hearing all of your stories when you get back!

    Jo xxx
  • madhouse35madhouse35 Posts: 425
    LOL! How many Jo's are there on here!!!!

    JO xx

    P.S the 7 weeks will fly by!!!!
  • donna24577donna24577 Posts: 2,906
    Good Luck to you all, i am also very jealous i don't fly out for another 12 weeks!!!

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  • beckyfoobeckyfoo Posts: 209
    Good luck everyone! Cant wait to see your pics and reports! I dont go for!!!
  • mehubandbubmehubandbub Posts: 932
    We get married on the 5th August.. one week today.. can't believe how quickly it has come round, it was ages away and all of a sudden I don't have any time. Seriously girls with 8 weeks left, check your to do list now as I felt I had loads of time and the other day I was in a panic! and all the things you thought of wanting to do, like I always wanted a Mrs Elmer t-shirt only just ordered one and now I am not sure I will have it in time. Why didn't I order it earlier??!!!
  • nicolamc83nicolamc83 Posts: 339
    Good luck everyone and enjoy every minute of it. I fly out 4 weeks tomorrow and cant wait. Mrs E2B i am going to order my Mrs tshirt today just in case haha

    Nicola x
  • SLB12ukSLB12uk Posts: 250
    Good luck to everyone I fly out tomorrow don't know where on earth the time has gone!!! Mrs E2b I also get married on 5th at Holiday Village Aliathon!!! Oh my god can't believe its actually here!!! Aaaaaagh!!!
  • princess69ukprincess69uk Posts: 278
    hi jo, good luck and hope it all goes well for you and hope you have a brilliant wedding. not getting married untill 12th may 09 so got ages to go. look forward to hearing how it all goes. x
  • Good luck ladies. Hope you have a fab and magical day like I did.
  • joclementsjoclements Posts: 260
    hi all you lovely b2b i got wed in may in paphos its lovely just have a fab day and enjoy and try to remember it all cause the day just passes you by take lots of pics god luck too you all

    jo xx
  • lianne1978lianne1978 Posts: 100
    Have a great time! Don't forget to tell us all about it when you come back! I'm going to start a thread for when I fly out, I love this site!!! x
  • juulliieeukjuulliieeuk Posts: 296
    hi,we fly out today 630pm,get married on 11 aug.good luck to all you girlies have a fab time,am soooo excited xximage
  • madhouse35madhouse35 Posts: 425
    OMG Juliliee, I bet you are....................... have a fantastic flight and holiday and of course Wedding!!!!!!

    I've got to wait another week til I fly, if you still look like you photo........ I may even bump into you over there!!! LOL

    have fun xxxx EXCITING!!!
  • juulliieeukjuulliieeuk Posts: 296
    good luck to you aswell cornishjojo,thanxs for all your help,that was taken at my sister's wedding last june so apart from a few more grey hairs & wrinkles am about the same lol,glad you managed to sort all yrs out in the end,enjoy x
  • mehubandbubmehubandbub Posts: 932
    My Mrs Elmer T-shirt has arrived!! yipee!!!! Just thought I would let you all know and I bought a just married bikini from Prmark today for the bargain price of £3!!! Excellent!
  • madhouse35madhouse35 Posts: 425
    Excellent news mrs 3 2b!! I like the sound of that bikini!! I'm in town tommorrow so I'm going to look for that bikini!! LOL
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