If nobody speaks of remarkable things

I used read books all of the time but slowly had less and less time due to work. I went to the library yesterday as I have a few days off work and decided it would be a good opportunity to reclaim my hobby!

I got a book with the above title and started reading it....I finished it today. It was amazing, the text is so decriptive and magical, you really are in the story.

Part of me wanted to know what happened in the future but another loved how the past was tied up leaving the present open.

Has anyone else read it and what did you think of it??



  • banwabanwa Posts: 1,296
    I haven't read it but on your recommendation I have just ordered it on Amazon. I'm always on the lookout for good books so thanks
  • nikki_ismenikki_isme Posts: 1,474
    what type of story is it? Had a look on amazon which has very mixed reviews
  • EmmaTHPEmmaTHP Posts: 302
    Oh, it's a wonderful book! Beautifully written and quite heartbreaking at the end. His second novel is also very good - though this was my favourite.
  • dairieleedairielee Posts: 429
    indiansummers - what is his second book - i'll go find it in the library.

    Mrs Cook 2b - its told from the perspective of someone reminiscing whilst going through a difficult time personally, I wont put much on here in case people dont want to know but if you email me I can tell you more.

  • EmmaTHPEmmaTHP Posts: 302
    It's called So Many Ways to Begin - enjoy!
  • MrsForkMrsFork Posts: 399
    Oh I love this book!!!! No one has ever heard of it, I'm so pleased I've finally met someonelse who has read it!

    I really enjoyed it, so moving! I'm going to go and get his other book, I didnt know he'd written another one! Fantastic!
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