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me in my dress, what do you think?

Hi ladies, this is me in my wedding dress after the first fitting, i have had some trouble with it and even though it's only 25 days to go until the wedding i still have at least one more fitting to go to eek!!)

anyway i was just wondering if you could give me your opinions please? it's getting close and i'm getting nervous image

Thank you

Hazel xx


  • sarah211276sarah211276 Posts: 164
    You look beautiful...stunning dress.

    Sarah xx

    P.S. You have a fantastic figure too...cow (lol)xx
  • sarahj79sarahj79 Posts: 159
    you look great! I love the dress, very vintage/romantic - shows off your curves really well..

    are those the wedding shoes on the right?image
  • hzgreenhzgreen Posts: 512
    mrsgl2b, thanks!! i can't take all the credit though, my mum shoehorned me into a corset, it was like something out of gone with the wind!!

    i wish they were my wedding shoes sarahj79, i'm scared of my real ones!!

  • vixincaymanvixincayman Posts: 203
    very unusual - i like it though!
  • justjakeukjustjakeuk Posts: 163
    you look stunning!!!
  • jaynefitzyjaynefitzy Posts: 289
    Wow, you look fab! do you have any photos of the back? Would love to seexx
  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    WOW! You look tremendous!

    Did you say you have a corset on under there too? Can I ask there it''s from?

    STBAM x
  • hzgreenhzgreen Posts: 512
    ooo thank you all, i don't have any pics of the back as yet because i'm having a bit of trouble with the fitting, the top of the dress comes down lower than the corset top eek. but will hopefully get that sorted out this week...or next!

    STBAM i got my corset from mio destino and i can't recommend them enough, the corset is very plain but pretty and so sturdy, before i put the corset on the seams of the dress were stretching a bit, after the corset i have to have it taken in! a miracle!!

  • amycleetonamycleeton Posts: 318
    Wow! Your dress is gorg ~ really shows off your lovely figure! I'm off to look up corsets!! xx
  • bentos1bentos1 Posts: 887
    you look lovely.

    I really want a corset but worried that it would be bulky under my dress!!

    which corset did you get??
  • hzgreenhzgreen Posts: 512
    it's this corset, it looks bulky but is very snug so doesn't really add any bulk...if that makes sense.
  • NifferyNiffery Posts: 7,908
    Your dress is amazing!! (I have just been off to look at that corset, think that may now be another wedding purchase!)

    Bet you can't wait to wear it (the dress not the corset lol)
  • lissylouuk1lissylouuk1 Posts: 815
    Your dress is georgeous
  • rmsmeatonrmsmeaton Posts: 452
    you look lovely, stunning figure xx
  • sparkledreamsparkledream Posts: 207
    You look lovely, i love the curves too, and am off to find something along those lines. Corset idea sounds, great, but do you have any trouble sitting down?
  • twinkle84twinkle84 Posts: 35
    Its beautiful really really suits you! x
  • clarryclarry Posts: 3,311
    Aw you look gorgeous and your hair and fascinator will look fab. I can see why you choses the fascintor now as it will really complement your dress x

  • hzgreenhzgreen Posts: 512
    wow thanks everyone, i went to see a new seamstress yesterday who assures me she can sort out my dress problems so am feeling far happier about it. i can sit down sparkledream but it takes a bit of time. when i first put tje corset on it feels quite uncomfortable but my body gets used to it and then it just feels like a second (but very supportive) skin.

    in the photo it comes out as white but really it's a creamy, champagne colour.

    thanks for your comments, i've been worried about this dress for a while but it finally seems to be coming together

  • hzgreenhzgreen Posts: 512
    missclarry we posted at the same time! thanks for what you said about the hair and fascinator, i must admit i've been very worried about it so i'm glad you like it : D

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