Have a look at my new hair extensions!!


I've always wanted long hair for my wedding so my lovely H2B has paid for me to have extensions. They are straight at the minute but will be curly for the wedding. I love them! Take a look at my before and after pics!

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  • pink-angel15pink-angel15 Posts: 1,273
    wow they look fab, v natural, where did you get them done - are they real hair?
  • jaynefitzyjaynefitzy Posts: 289
    wow, they look fab!!x
  • pink-angel15pink-angel15 Posts: 1,273
    have you got any front pics so we can see how different you look?
  • florabugflorabug Posts: 128
    wow your hair looks fab-greta condition...im def gettting some!! ...can we see front pics too!!!! xx
  • bling_girlbling_girl Posts: 123
    Just uploading some front pics. They are real hair - raccoon extensions, done in my local hairdressers in Hertfordshire. I'm gonna have a few more put in next week just to help blend in my shorter layers. I can't stop playing with them, I've never had long hair before!
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    There you go.....


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  • florabugflorabug Posts: 128
    awwww wow u look stunning!!!! Long hair really suits you....fab fab fab!!! xx
  • pink-angel15pink-angel15 Posts: 1,273
    oh my god it transforms you!! You look 100 times better with longer hair boootiful, your h2b must be v happy image xx
  • MissSJMissSJ Posts: 43
    They look really natural. You suit your hair long!
  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride
    They look absolutly gorg .

    Anyone thing of hair extentions , the clip in real hair is great ,

    buy it from the west indian shop in your area and sow it on to the clips yourself , its dead easy and cheap !!

    They look great , i wore fillers for my wedding . and more affordable if your on a lower budget

    Packet of hair will be twenty to twenty five pounds ,

  • MrsCEH2BeMrsCEH2Be Posts: 60
    Wow! They look fab - definatly suits you with the long hair, plus it gives you more scope to do more to it for the wedding, ie curls etc! x
  • bling_girlbling_girl Posts: 123
    I have a ferw sets of clip in extensions - have used them for a couple of years for special events/parties etc. I really wanted them doing properly as I'm always dissapointed when at the end of the night I have to take my lovely hair out!! AlsoI have very fine hair and with all the clips in I end up having obvious 'lumps' on my scalp! x
  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    they look great really suit u hun
  • h7_cjsyahoocoukh7_cjsyahoocouk Posts: 1,378
    fabulous!!!! you look gorg!! hxx
  • bedshrimpbedshrimp Posts: 435
    wow they look amazing. you have inspired me to get mine done! Would you mind me asking how much they cost?? x
  • ScaffoldScaffold Posts: 34
    Fantastic, I'm really impressed you look amazing! Would love to know what salon you used in Herts also. x
  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666

    They look fab! My best friend has some and she puts them in for a night out - they really do transform the look!

    x x x
  • bling_girlbling_girl Posts: 123
    I had them done in a salon in Letchworth Garden City, they cost me approx £270 including all the products and brush etc.
  • smiskellysmiskelly Posts: 431
    They are lovely, you really suit long hair !!
  • jules-xjules-x Posts: 458
    wow they look great...when do you get married? I always wanted extensions but my hair is fine and sparse and I was allergic to the glue in my trial....argh!! You lucky ducky they look fabulous x
  • lisawood78lisawood78 Posts: 143
    Hmm, they look fab, really natural but a quick word of caution. I've just had my Great Lengths extensions removed after 4 weeks. They gave me terrible sore itchy scalp very quickly, got matted and felt like the hair from an Irish Wolfhound after only washing them a couple of times. It seems they put a lot of silicone type stuff on the extensions before they are fitted to make them seem silky soft, but it doesn't last and ends up feeling like what it is, dead hair. I took super care of them, did everything I was told to and avoided the things I shouldn't do and they still ended up like this. They look great when just done, and no offence to Bling Girl (and I hope this doesn't happen with yours) but I would say to anyone considering it don't do it, go for clip ins instead. Good luck with your wedding.

    LW78 x
  • dollybridedollybride Posts: 34
    Wow, they look amazing!!! How long did they take to be put in and how long will they last?

  • lizbradlizbrad Posts: 7
    hi Ladies

    I'm just wondering if there is anyone in the north west area, manchester, liverpool, st helens or anywhere near has the name number of a good make up artist.

    I want to have my make up done on my wedding day but obviously would like some recomendations. Also any pics if you've got them!!! Thank you x

  • Emmaxuk1Emmaxuk1 Posts: 282
    wow - they really transform you. I love them. Good on your H2b!
  • Emmaxuk1Emmaxuk1 Posts: 282
    double - sorry!

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