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Wasn't sure where to post this, so hopefully you all don't mind me posting here!

Don't get me wrong, my MIL2B is really nice and generous. I had a few doubts at the beginning of the engagement, but put it down to her 'son getting married syndrome!'

She seems to have this obsession/worry that i'm not going to turn up at the church! She brought it up seriously the first time after she had been with me dress shopping. I found it a little offensive but took it in my stride as I suppose she has a right to ask. I assured her that I would be there, etc... Why wouldn't I? I love h2b to bits and want to spend the rest of my life with him!

But again she now keeps dropping it into the conversation. I'm getting irritated with it now because I really don't know why she should doubt me! I only told h2b about the first time. She hasn't even asked her own son whether he's going to turn up. My dad hasn't questioned h2b either.

Just don't know how to take it really. Why does she think that her son should be worried about whether I turn up?

Its ridiculous!

Any advice?


  • laura217uklaura217uk Posts: 745
    I would try and turn it into a joke.. next time she says it, tell her something like the only thing that would stop you turning up is if she stopped you.. and that no matter how many more times she asks, you won't tell her how she can do that by giving you detailed plans on tying you up in a disused warehouse until the wedding day is over...

    or ask her why she thinks you would NOT want to marry her darling son.. whats wrong with him.. what don't you know that she obviously thinks you should....

    I'm a bad person I think..

    Failing that - do you remember I think it was a Lynx advert, where they kept a count of the times they got eyed up.. keep a (deliberate) log of the times she says the same thing.. bit like Bull**** bingo, and each time you get 5.. tell her she owes you a cream cake or something!

    She probably hasnt even realised she's doing it.. but that her mind hasnt been put at rest yet...

    Sorry I've not been very helpful, but hope (seriously) that you get it sorted


  • Oooh I'd find that annoying too- although that said I find most of what my MIL2B says & does annoying! LoL!! Do you know if any of MIL2B's friend's sons have had this happen? Maybe she's got the idea from somewhere and if it's happened to someone else's son then maybe it'll happen to hers? Or maybe she had a dream in which you didn't turn up and it's made her paranoid! Or maybe she's just a fruit loop like my MIL2B! LoL!! Maybe if she brings it up again you could ask her what's got her so worried? Or make a joke out of it and ask her if she'd like a signed pre-wedding contract that ensures that you will have to turn up? Then again maybe not as she might say yes!!!

    Good Luck!

    Kat xx
  • orchid28ukorchid28uk Posts: 401
    thank-you, you have been helpful. I think i'm more suited to cracking a joke when she says it, so will probably go with that suggestion.

    I've just been ignoring the comment up until now and like you said, her mind hasn't been put at ease yet.

    Will try it!
  • orchid28ukorchid28uk Posts: 401
    thanks scarlet! I think my face would be a picture of horror if she insisted on a contract! lol!
  • You never know she might want it signed in blood! Arghhhh! image
  • orchid28ukorchid28uk Posts: 401
    as long as its her blood and not mine! lol!
  • jeskiukjeskiuk Posts: 2,051
    Crikey, she isn't trying t o put ideas into your head is she? Maybe you should ask. Hehe.
  • orchid28ukorchid28uk Posts: 401
    she can try all she likes jeski, but its not gonna happen! lol!
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