Portugal Wedding - please help!

My h2b and I really want to marry in Portugal. However, it would appear that we have to be resident there for 30 days prior. Does anybody know if this is the case? Is there anyway around it. We love it there and it would be such a shame if we couldn't get married there.



  • jl06083jl06083 Posts: 3

    I know that my friend is getting married in portugal in August this year, however they had the same problem they have decided that the easiest way was to get married first in the UK, small ceremony at the registary office and then they will have a blessing etc in Portugal. They are only having imeediate family to the one in the UK and she is just wearing a nice dress and then she will have the full works in portugal.

    Hope this helps.

    Jodie x
  • Hazel_MHazel_M Posts: 18
    Thanks Jodie, I think thats what we might need to do. Thats a nice idea though.

    Hope your wedding goes well xx
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