Church blessing at home after wedding abroad

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  • hello there,

    im getting married in cyprus beginning of sept 08

    and im also having a blessing but not at a church,

    im having a party when i get home on a sunday in an indian resturant and the vicar is coming to the resturant!!

    its different i know but i like doing things like that!!!

    i really hope you have a lovely wedding day and good luck

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  • LornaHukLornaHuk Posts: 38

    I'm getting married in Las Vegas next February and then having a Church Blessing when we come home. Our blessing is going to be similar to marriage ceremony, we are going to repeat our vows, although the wording will be different as we are already married by then. We are having hymns, readings (I think) and I'm going to have the Church singing group sing. I hope this helps.
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