is it okay to end the wedding at 11.30pm?

We have to end ours then and I'm a bit concerned my guests will think its too early...


  • jharris_86jharris_86 Posts: 313
    i have to end mine then

    if they think its early its a bit tuff!!
  • Louiseallan1Louiseallan1 Posts: 620
    hmmm it is a tad early. When we went to my cousins wedding the disco ended abruptly at 11.30 and the lights came on...felt as if the party was just getting started. Is it at a hotel? because usually the residents bar stays open as late as people are around could always just usher guests through there once party is over.
  • I think 11.30 pm is fine, wedding's are tiring! My fianc???? and I went to one just after Christmas - the wedding itself was at 11 am and we were completely exhausted by 9 so went home then as we had to drive a long way. 11.30 should give a chance to see everyone and make a good day of it without anyone being disappointed!
  • jharris_86jharris_86 Posts: 313
    mine is in a hotel, in the bar and we still have to end at 11.30!

    im sure most people will be ready for bed by then!!!
  • thanks everyone - this is my first post - and very rewarding. I think I may get slightly addicted as have much to ask...should i let me family do the flowers or is this a disaster?
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