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I'm new to the site, and have been brousing for a while.

Can you guys give me a list of what you need to buy or plan for a wedding, from cakes to cars, and suits to seating plans.

I'd like to start to plan things, so want to consider everything. :\)


  • aisles - to decorate or not...depending on if you're having a church wedding!

    bank account - joint, savings?

    cake - who, what type, how much, when do you serve it?

    debt - avoid like the plague by budgeting!

    end time - pretty self explanatory, avoiding long 'hang around' periods

    favours - what to have and how to display

    guests - who to include when and where will they stay?

    hotels - do you need to book in advance for guests

    invitations - what to include, where to buy from?

    jewellery - how much?

    k - cant think of one!

    little guests - babies or not???

    marriage - what you need to make it all legal

    night guests - any extras, how will you make them feel welcome?

    other half - how are his/her needs being met in your plans?

    plus ones - will you have these in invites?

    q - no idea what to put so will say dress!

    random - hidden extras such as postage!

    stationery - table plans, place cards etc

    timings/transport - self explanatory

    unexpected things - you can't plan for everything but try anyway!

    value for money - take your time and shop around

    walk arounds - your venue and grounds to see where the best shots could be taken

    x - ??

    y - ??

    z - ??

  • sparkledreamsparkledream Posts: 207
    Thanks you took me very literally.

    I was kinda after a list of everything u could think of.

    ta anyway, it was very sweet
  • lol im a literal kinda gal...I dunno just thought I'd get the ball rolling image

    well what we did was

    a) booked the church

    b) booked the venue

    c) picked the menu for the venue

    d) picked my dress

    e) picked suits but h2b has changed his mind now

    f) chose rings

    g) booked honeymoon

    h) sorted out invites and sending save the dates atm

    pretty much where we're up to and get married next june, got engaged last sept and started planning roughly in jan although had discussed a lot prior to that! xx
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