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BHS/ Debenhams - when are the wedding ranges available?

Hi there

I don't want to get flower girl dresses in a wedding shop- they're too dear, and I think the quality of the ones I have seen in department stores like BHS and Debenhams are really good. My wedding is May 2009, and I am worried that unless I go now, all of the shops will discontinue the wedding ranges until Spring next year- and more to the point, I'll end up paying top whack. Can anyone please tell me if any of these shops/ department stores will have flowergirl dresses between now and next May, and if any may have a sale on during this time?

Thanks in advance.


  • celliottukcelliottuk Posts: 168
    hi, as far as i know they come back in feb some time. I asked bhs and next this year as we are getting married in feb. I have had to buy mine this year and guess at the sizes! BHS have a sale on now if you can get the sizes you need and they seem to have random sales from feb until now so you might still get a bargain next year - i bought my b/maid dresses from there in April this yr and they were reduced - they went back to full price a few days later, then were reduced again, then back to full price and now they are reduced again - each time at a different price! Have you had a look to see what is instock online?
  • Shelley06ukShelley06uk Posts: 2,474
    I think Debenhams get their new range in January.
  • may09bridemay09bride Posts: 109
    Hi, on another thread a girl said that bhs get thier winter wedding range out late august x
  • HollzukHollzuk Posts: 241
    I think i might be 'that girl' may09bride!! As far as i know BHS will be having another range out at end of Aug/Sept...i phoned them to ask coz i was after a dress for my niece, not sure about debenhams tho. x
  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Posts: 903
    Last week was having a mare as my bridesmaids loved the wide strap hemione dresss from BHS but they didnt have them in stock and said the wouldnt come back in till end of sept and then they might be different. However was just looking on website on Monday and they got more in so ordered for all bridemaids and they are arriving this monring - so exicted - get on t'internet there are some lovely flower girl dresses at BHS and they are on sale - good luck emor!!!
  • TherasaukTherasauk Posts: 1,090
    I would avoid buying the discontinued lines if you can help it, I did that and am now having the biggest 'mare, may be buying new BM dresses with just 2 months to go.

    They are usually on a cycle, the ones in BHS in golds and reds are the new autumn winter ones now I believe (Or so they told me when I complained to head office), the spring summer '09 ones should be out late autumn this year......
  • faerierynfaerieryn Posts: 273
    Gak! I wish I could. I'm having exactly the same sort of problem. I want lilac dresses and little waistcoats for my page boys. My youngest two are currently nearly 2 and about 5 months old now so it is impossible to tell what size she will be. I'm having to bite the bullet and go for Ivory or white dresses for the two little girls and made lilac sashes for them out of ribbon and if all else fails I will dye the boys waistcoats and ties! It is a real problem if you want cheap, coloured dresses and waistcoats as you have to hope that your colours will be in fashion
  • lil_lisa32lil_lisa32 Posts: 141
    I used to work for debenhams bridal department, their new ranges come out in january each year. This only applies to the flowergirl dresses that are properly from the Designer Bridal collection, there are also a few dresses suitable for flower girls from the childrens department under the brand of Tigerlilly. Some stores will group them all together, some will have the designer ones seperate from the tigerlilly ones. I think the January new stock only applies to designer bridal, not tigerlilly. Good luck finding your dresses!
  • i got my flowergirl dress yesterday!! Its beautiful, ivory with organza netting and sequin butterflies all over it Awwwww how cute in BHS sale from £85.00 to £52.00 goodluck xx
  • tt25777tt25777 Posts: 2,239
    BHS told me that their new range will come out in Oct x
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